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Laura Amelia Guzmán and Israel Cárdenas

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Laura Amelia Guzmán (born May 7, 1980) and Israel Cárdenas (born February 15, 1980) are a husband and wife directorial team.

Early lifeEdit

Guzmán was born in the Dominican Republic to parents who worked as art directors.[1] She initially worked as a cinematographer before turning to directing.

Cárdenas was born and raised in Mexico.

Filmmaking careerEdit

Guzmán and Cárdenas began directing together in 2007 with their movie Cochochi.

In 2010 they co-directed the movie Jean Gentil which caught the attention of actress Geraldine Chaplin. After hearing Chaplin's warm praise of their film they decided to offer her a role in their next film Sand Dollars. After Chaplin agreed to appearing in a small role the couple decided to rewrite the male main characters to be women in order to give Chaplin a larger role.[2] The film was chosen as the Dominican Republic's submission for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 2015 but did not make the short list.[3]

In 2016 Guzmán announced she was directing a sequel to Sand Dollars called Noeli Overseas.[4] The final film premiered in the Dominican Republic in 2018 and was credited to both Guzmán and Cárdenas.

Their film Holy Beasts premiered at the 69th Berlin International Film Festival.[5] The film starred Geraldine Chaplin and Udo Kier as fictional friends assembling to film the lost screenplay of real-life Dominican screenwriter Jean-Louis Jorge who was murdered in 2000.[6]


  • Cochochi (2007)
  • Jean Gentil (2010)
  • Sand Dollars (2014)
  • Noeli Overseas (2016) (Guzmán only)
  • Golden Boys (2016)


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