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Latvian First League

The Latvian First League (Latvian: Latvijas Pirmā līga, 1. līga) is the second tier of football in Latvia and is organised by the Latvian Football Federation. The league is also known as the First League ( 1. līga) for sponsorship reasons, after the sporting goods store became the league's main sponsor in 2015.[1] From 2007 to 2008, the tournament was known as the Traffic 1. līga, due to its sponsorship by the "Traffic auto advert" advertising company.[2]

Latvian First League
Country Latvia
Number of teams10
Level on pyramid2
Promotion toLatvian Higher League
Relegation toLatvian Second League
Domestic cup(s)Latvian Cup
Current championsBFC Daugavpils/Progress
WebsiteLatvian Football Federation
2019 Latvian First League


There are 15 clubs in the First League. During the course of the season each club plays the every other club twice, once at home and once away, with a total of 28 games. At the end of the season, the highest placed club is automatically promoted to the Virslīga. The second lowest placed club in the Virslīga and the second placed club in the First League compete in a Play-off over two matches for the remaining place in the following season's Virslīga. However, for the 2009 season, the Virslīga was expanded to 9 clubs. Therefore, there was no relegation and the top two clubs in the First League, FK Daugava (champions) and FC Tranzīts (runners-up) were promoted to the Virslīga. The club finishing at the bottom of the First League is relegated to the Second League.[3]

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