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The Last Days on Earth is a 20/20 science special which aired on ABC[1][2][3] in August 2006 and has been aired on The History Channel.[4]

The show counts down the seven most likely ways in which human life could end, including gamma ray bursts, black holes, machine rule, asteroids, super volcanoes, nuclear war, pandemic flu, and climate change. It includes input from a number of scientists including Michio Kaku, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Stephen Hawking and Kevin Warwick. In 2007 it received an Emmy nomination for its graphic and artistic design.[5]


The DisastersEdit

These are organized from least likely to most likely:

  1. Number seven was actually two alternate views of what could happen to a star and how it could destroy life on earth.
    1. Death of a Star: Gamma-Ray Burst
    2. Death of a Star: Black Hole
  2. Intelligent Machines
  3. Supervolcano
  4. Asteroid
  5. Nuclear War
  6. Plague
  7. Climate Change (Global Warming)

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