Last Contact

"Last Contact" is a science fiction short story published in 2007 by Stephen Baxter. It was nominated for the 2008 Hugo Award for Best Short Story.[1]

"Last Contact"
AuthorStephen Baxter
Genre(s)Science fiction short story
Published inThe Solaris Book of New Science Fiction 2007
Publication typeBook
Publication dateJanuary 2007

Plot summaryEdit

The story follows a mother and daughter, Maureen and Caitlin, as they live through the last few months of Earth's existence. Caitlin, an astrophysicist, has been involved with the recent discovery of the "Big Rip", a field of dark energy that is tearing the universe apart. The story chronicles the lives of Maureen and Caitlin, as well as the general public, as the event gets closer to Earth. Maureen is intent on fixing up her yard while Caitlin tries to help the public understand and cope with what is about to happen.


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