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Lane Twitchell

Lane Twitchell (b. 1967 in Salt Lake City, Utah) is a visual artist known foremost for his work in painting, cut paper, collage, and glass lamination. He lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Twitchell was raised in Ogden. The beginnings of his projects addressed his Mormon upbringing, drawing from the American religion's history, mythology and iconography. This aspect of the artist's work has expanded as he has sought to address the larger realm of American religious fundamentalism.

His working method involves the use of folded and cut paper. Originally conceived as a means of depicting replication in architecture, the inherently repetitive nature of his process has allowed the artist to reflect on other types of expansionist typologies. This line of conceptual development leads back to Twitchell's personal history and his youth steeped in the quintessential religious exponent of America's push toward continental domination. Additionally, Twitchell's work addresses themes of middle-class American consumerism, architecture, and politics, as well as occasionally referencing the contemporary New York art world and the broader history of modern art.


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