The Landspítali – The National University Hospital of Iceland (Icelandic: Landspítali – Háskólasjúkrahús) offers a wide range of clinical services in outpatient clinics, day patient units, inpatient wards, clinical laboratories and other divisions. Landspítalinn also operates the psychiatric hospital Kleppur.

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LocationHringbraut 101, Reykjavík
FundingPublic hospital
Affiliated universityUniversity of Iceland
Emergency departmentYes
Opened20 December 1930 (original)
16 May 2000 (merger)
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The original Landspítali began operations on 20 December 1930. Ideas for a hospital that served the whole country was not new; in 1863 Jón Hjaltalín, the then Director of Health, proposed a bill that would establish such a hospital, but the bill was not voted on.

During the period from 1863 to 1930 several hospitals operated in Reykjavík. The founding of Landspítali was the product of a long, hard struggle in which women were at the forefront and have ever since played a huge role in the country's hospital matters.[1] In 2000, the Reykjavik City Hospital merged with Landspítali, and the new merged hospital was renamed as Landspítali University Hospital (Landspítali háskólasjúkrahús; LSH) until it reverted to its original name in 2007.

Approximately 70% of Icelandic children are born in the hospital.[2]


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