Lan Kham Deng

Lan Kham Deng (Lao: ພະເຈົ້າລ້ານຄຳແດງ, 1375–1428) was the third king of the Lao state of Lan Xang. He was the oldest son of Samsenethai.[citation needed]

Lan Kham Deng
King of Lan Xang
Reign1416 - 1428
Muang Sua, Lan Xang
Muang Sua, Lan Xang
SpouseQueen Keo Poum Fa
IssuePrince Phommathat
Prince Yukhon
Prince Nu Kon
Regnal name
Samdach Brhat-Anya Chao Lamakamadinga
DynastyKhun Lo
MotherBua Then Fa (Muang Sua)
ReligionTherevada Buddhism

During his reign, the Hồ dynasty emperor in Vietnam requested that Lan Kham Deng send some troops to help the Vietnamese fight off the Chinese, who were attacking them during the Ming–Hồ War. Lan Kham Deng sent thousands Laotian of troops to aid the Vietnamese, but for some reason, the armies of Lan Xang turned on the Vietnamese and fought on China's side.

Eventually, Vietnam defeated China. By that time, Lan Xang's relations with Vietnam were deteriorated and total war soon broke out. The war with Vietnam caused chaos in Lan Xang followed by many attempts by royals to seize the throne.

Lan Kham Deng died in 1428 at the age of 53. He had ruled for 12 years.

Lan Kham Deng was succeeded by Prince Phommathat.


  • Father: Sam Saen Thai - King of Lan Xang (r.1374-1416)
  • Mother: Queen Buvana Dhanipaya (Bua Then Fa)
  • Consorts and their Respective Issue:
  1. Queen Nang Kaeva Buma Fa (Keo Poum Fa)
    1. Brahma-kumara Bhumadarada (Phommathath), King of Lan Xang (r.1428–1429)
  2. by unknown women
    1. Yugandhara (Youkhon), King of Lan Xang (r.1429–1430)
    2. Prince Nu Kon, Prince of S'ieng Wong S'ieng Wang - Installed as ruler of Xieng Khoang in 1441
Lan Kham Deng
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King of Lan Xang
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