Lamplighter Stakes

The Lamplighter Stakes is an American Thoroughbred horse race run annually during the last week of May at Monmouth Park Racetrack in Oceanport, New Jersey. Open to three-year-old horses, it is contested on turf over a distance of ​1 116 miles (8.5 furlongs).

Lamplighter Stakes
Non-graded stakes race
LocationMonmouth Park Racetrack
Oceanport, New Jersey, United States
Race typeThoroughbredFlat racing
Race information
Distance1 116 miles (8.5 furlongs)

Inaugurated in 1946 as the Lamplighter Handicap, the race was named to honor Lamplighter, the 1893 American Co-Champion Older Male Horse owned by proment horseman Pierre Lorillard IV who had been an co-owner of the Monmouth Park Association's racetrack.

Since inception, the race has been contested at various distances on both dirt and turf:

  • 1 116 miles on dirt : 1946–1970, 1972, 1974, 1984,1987
  • 1 18 miles on turf : 1971
  • 1 116 miles on turf : 1973, 1975–1983, 1985–1986, 1988–2004, 2007–present
  • 1 mile on turf : 2005, 2006

On July 1, 1978 the legendary U.S. Racing Hall of Fame inductee, John Henry, made his turf stakes debut with a third-place finish in the second division of the Lamplighter.


Speed record:

  • 1:40.52 – Lendell Ray (2000)

Most wins by an owner:

Most wins by a jockey:

Most wins by a trainer:


2017 Mo Maverick Eddie Castro George R. Weaver R. A. Hill Stable & Gatsas Stables 1:42.80
2016 Franklin Towers Nik Juarez Jane Cibelli Clarke Ohrstrom 1:40.80
2015 Nonna's Boy Christopher DeCarlo Todd Pletcher Repole Stable 1:41.11
2013 – 2014 Race not held
2012 Malibu Way Joe Bravo Christophe Clement Lael Stable 1:42.27
2011 Crimson China Alan Garcia H. Graham Motion Team Valor International 1:40.73
2010 Thunder Brew Carlos Marquez Jr. Anthony Pecoraro Roman Hill Farm 1:40.54
2009 Sleepless Knight Joe Bravo Kelly J. Breen George and Lori Hall 1:41.39
2008 El Sultry Sun Eddie Castro John C. Kimmel Live Oak Racing 1:41.01
2007 Top Cross Chris DeCarlo Todd A. Pletcher Wertheimer et Frère 1:41.15
2006 Smart Enough Joe Bravo John R. S. Fisher Erdenheim Farm 1:33.75
2005 Network Javier Castellano Edwin T. Broome Edwin T. Broome 1:35.96
2004 Gotaghostofachance Stewart Elliott Edward T. Allard Phillip J. Torsney 1:40.82
2003 Stroll Jerry D. Bailey William I. Mott Claiborne Farm 1:40.09
2002 Entitlement Pat Day John K. Hennig Brereton C. Jones 1:45.07
2001 First Spear Joe Bravo Todd A. Pletcher Peachtree Stable 1:41.94
2000 Lendell Ray Aaron Gryder William I. Mott Dave Eigel/Kenneth Glass 1:40.52
1999 Phi Beta Doc Ramon Domínguez Robert W. Leonard Robert W. Leonard/Dennis Foster 1:45.00
1998 Soldier Field Rick Wilson Linda L. Rice David Sepler 1:43.20
1997 Statesmanship Herb McCauley Christophe Clement Peter F. Karches 1:42.00
1996 Allied Forces Richard Migliore Kiaran McLaughlin Ahmed Al Tayer 1:42.00
1995 Claudius Herb McCauley William I. Mott Darley Racing 1:41.00
1994 Mr. Impatience Chuck Lopez Dennis J. Manning Southview Farm 1:42.20
1993 Namaqualand Mike E. Smith William I. Mott Sheikh Mohammed 1:43.00
1992 Smilin and Dancin Richard Migliore Stephen L. DiMauro Flanna Stable 1:41.20
1991 Futurist Rick Wilson John R. S. Fisher Richard L. Gelb 1:41.40
1990 Groscar Rick Wilson Robert E. Reid Jr. S. M. Baer 1:41.20
1989 Expensive Decision Jean-Luc Samyn Stanley Shapoff E. L. Shapoff 1:41.20
1988 Mi Selecto Craig Perret Eduardo Azpurua Wilfredo Agusti 1:42.40
1987 Clever Secret Craig Perret D. Wayne Lukas Eugene V. Klein 1:42.40
1986 One Magic Moment Craig Perret Joseph Pierce Jr. Richard D. Irwin 1:44.40
1985 Crazy Life Chris Antley Ronnie Warren S. & T. Adams 1:44.00
1984 Light Spirits Chris Antley Charles Hadry Locust Hill Farm 1:44.40
1983 Tough Mickey Jean-Luc Samyn Philip G. Johnson M. Napolitano 1:42.60
1982 Majesty's Prince William Nemeti Joseph B. Cantey John D. Marsh 1:49.80
1981 McCann David Ashcroft Frank A. Alexander Dogwood Stable 1:45.00
1980 Ghazwan Ramon Encinas Roger Wojtowiez Buckram Oak Farm 1:45.80
1980 Harvest Hero Jean Cruguet Guy J. Lyon Universal Thoroughbred 1:46.20
1979 Quiet Crossing Don MacBeth Doug Peterson Tay Hill Stable 1:47.00
1978 North Course Don MacBeth Charles Sanborn Helmore Farm 1:43.40
1978 Prince Misko Mike Miceli Anthony Arcodia Miami Lakes Ranch 1:43.20
1977 Qui Native Don MacBeth Charles Sanborn S. Beller 1:41.40
1976 Modred Craig Perret Willard C. Freeman Mrs. Paul L. Hexter 1:42.00
1976 Chati Don Brumfield James W. Murphy Hickory Tree Stable 1:43.60
1975 Embassy Row Craig Perret Lawrence W. Jennings Dan Williams 1:47.20
1974 Key to the Gun Don MacBeth J. Bowes Bond Nydrie Stable 1:43.80
1974 Don't Be Late Jim Joe Imparato Dewey Smith Audley Farm Stable 1:44.60
1973 Bold Nix Carlos Barrera Frank J. McManus Raymond M. Curtis 1:44.60
1972 Floor Show Michael Hole Ira Hanford Mill River Stable 1:44.20
1971 Gleaming Eddie Maple Reggie Cornell Calumet Farm 1:49.20
1970 Well Mannered Frank Verardi Anthony L. Basile Bwamazon Farm 1:44.40
1970 Jaradara Eddie Maple Lawrence W. Jennings A-Dee Farm 1:44.00
1969 Al Hattab Ray Broussard Warren A. Croll Jr. Pelican Stable 1:42.00
1968 Jig Time Jesse Davidson MacKenzie Miller Cragwood Stables 1:45.80
1967 Air Rights Eddie Belmonte Pancho Martin Sigmund Sommer 1:45.20
1966 Jolly Jet Nick Shuk Frank Y. Whiteley Jr. Powhatan Stable 1:44.00
1965 Eurasian Johnny Sellers Bert Mulholland George D. Widener Jr. 1:43.20
1964 Knightly Manner Howard Grant James W. Maloney William Haggin Perry 1:42.40
1963 Raritan Valley Paul Kallai Joe Kulina Glenelg Stable 1:43.60
1962 Green Ticket Eric Guerin William W. Stephens Adele L. Rand 1:43.40
1961 Beau Prince Steve Brooks Horace A. Jones Calumet Farm 1:43.40
1960 Irish Lancer Chris Rogers Norman McLeod Pebblebrook Farm 1:44.60
1959 Atoll Bill Hartack Ray Metcalf Elkcam Stable 1:45.00
1958 Plion Bill Hartack Tom Jolley Edward Potter Jr. 1:44.80
1957 Pro-Brandy Howard Grant Deverne Emery Carolyn K. Stable 1:44.20
1957 Stratmat Richard Lawless L. Harry Silver Modan Stable 1:43.20
1956 Greek Spy Eric Guerin Sherrill W. Ward C. Ulrick Bay 1:41.20
1955 Star Rover Walter Blum Edward Anspach Mrs. Irving Gushen 1:43.80
1954 Artismo Dave Gorman Robert L. Dotter James Cox Brady Jr. 1:43.80
1953 Landlocked James Stout Robert L. Dotter James Cox Brady Jr. 1:45.80
1952 Flaunt Keith Stuart H. W. Williams Arnold Skjeveland 1:46.60
1951 Uncle Miltie Dave Gorman Andrew C. Colando Joseph J. Colando 1:46.00
1950 Lights Up George Hettinger Jack Creevy George D. Widener Jr. 1:45.20
1949 Colonel Mike Basil James Eugene Jacobs Eugene Jacobs 1:47.20
1948 First Nighter Dave Gorman William J. Hirsch S. A. Mason II 1:44.80
1947 Lighthouse Tommy Malley Edward Feakes Woodland Farm 1:44.20
1946 Lookout Dice Nick Jemas G. Lewis Lookout Stock 1:45.20