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Ruins of St Michael's chapel, Lammana (on the mainland)

Lammana Priory was a priory on Looe Island in Cornwall, UK, consisting of two Benedictine monks until 1289. It was owned by Glastonbury Abbey and the property was sold in 1289 to a local landowner.[1]

In 2008 Channel 4's archaeology series Time Team visited the island to carry out an investigation into its early Christian history. They excavated the sites of Christian chapels built on both the island and on the mainland opposite. During their dig they found the remains of a Benedictine chapel that was built in c.1139 by monks from Glastonbury Abbey, a reliquary, graves and the remains of much earlier Romano-British chapels built of wood with dating evidence suggesting use by Christians before the reign of Constantine the Great.[2]


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Further readingEdit

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Coordinates: 50°20′13″N 4°26′57″W / 50.336931°N 4.449143°W / 50.336931; -4.449143