Lamech (descendant of Cain)

Lamech (/ˈlmɪk/;[1] Hebrew: לֶמֶךְ Lémeḵ, in pausa לָמֶךְLā́meḵ) is a figure appearing in the Old Testament's Book of Genesis, where he is the seventh generation from Adam and the father of the first breeders of livestock, the first metalworkers, and the first musicians; the list is comparable to the ancient Mesopotamian tradition of seven pre-flood heroes who originate arts and culture.[2] This Lamech appears in the Yahwist genealogy (the line of Cain); the Priestly source has another Lamech who is the father of Noah.[2]

Lamech and Cain, 1524 engraving by Lucas van Leyden

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