Lambton College is a publicly funded college in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada, attended primarily by international students. In the 2021-22 school year, 8,773 of the college's 10,864 students, 82%, were on student visas.[5] Lambton College also has campuses in Mississauga and Toronto: Cestar College of Business, Health and Technology, and Queen’s College of Business, Technology, and Public Safety which are composed of only international students.[6] They have a pounce mascot

Lambton College of Applied Arts and Technology
TypePublic College of Applied Arts and Technology
ChairTania Lee [1]
PresidentRob Kardas, President & CEO
Studentsover 3,500 full-time, over 6,500 part-time, 500 international (on campus), over 3,500 international (off shore), 600 apprenticeship[2][3] (2020: 2,211 FTEs)[4]
1457 London Road
Sarnia, Ontario
N7S 6K4

42°58′49.89″N 82°20′54.91″W / 42.9805250°N 82.3485861°W / 42.9805250; -82.3485861
Sports teamsLambton Lions
ColoursWhite and Blue    
AffiliationsCCAA, ACCC, AUCC, CBIE



Lambton College has more than 70[7] post-secondary programs and apprenticeships, academic upgrading, post-graduate, part-time and training programs. The college also has pathways that lead to credentialing.

Academic Schools:

  • School of Technology & Trades
  • School of Business & International Education
  • School of Health, Community Services & Creative Design
  • School of Fire Sciences
  • School of Information Technology
  • Online Education
  • Science Fair

Buildings and features


The NOVA Chemicals Health & Research Centre was officially opened on May 15, 2019.[8] The facility is home to all Health Sciences programming labs and advanced technology simulation facilities. The Athletics & Fitness Complex opened on October 18, 2018 with a 15,000 sq. ft. facility and over 1,200 seats.[9]

Centre of Excellence in Energy & Bio-Industrial Technologies was designed to bring together academic programming, industry-standard training, and research labs. The official opening took place in September 2018 after a two-year, $14.2 million upgrade of the 34,000 sq. ft. facility, which also included the addition of 7,000 sq. ft. of training space.

Creations Fine Dining is an on-campus restaurant and is an applied learning environment for the Hospitality & Tourism Management and Culinary Management programs.[10] The Early Childhood Education Centre is a college training facility used by the Early Childhood Education program. It hosts Ontario Early Years Centre, now known as EarlyON. It is scheduled to close in July 2014.[11] Formerly known as the Fire & Public Safety Centre of Excellence, the campus was rebranded as The Fire School in spring 2019. It is an $11-million facility featuring a two-story structure with classrooms, a triple-truck bay, a fire tower and training props.[12] The Skilled Trades Training Centre provides skilled trades and apprenticeship training with classrooms, and labs and facilities.[13] The Sustainable Smart Home is a $1.2 million building, featuring a cutting-edge energy management system, used for applied research and learning.[14] The SPA at Lambton is a teaching facility and a full-service spa, the spa is run and managed by students in Lambton's Esthetician and Hairstylist programs.[10]

Student life


Lambton's on-campus residence houses over 280 students, in 2021 it experienced what was then the largest COVID outbreak in the county.[15] Esports Arena on campus was the first of its kind at a Canadian college.[citation needed]. Enactus Lambton is a student group, formed in early 2012, and were crowned World Champions at the 2018 Enactus World Cup, which took place in San Jose, California[citation needed]. The Lambton College team competed with 30 other international college and university teams before the finals where they faced Egypt, India, and Morocco. They're the first Canadian College to ever take home the top prize.[citation needed]



In 1966, Lambton College was the second college in the Ontario college system to officially open. At this time 45 students were enrolled in five programs at the college. The main campus' cornerstone was dedicated on June 4, 1970. The cornerstone is a time capsule containing coins, bills, stamps, the college calendar for 1970–71, a copy of the school's charter, the school seal, a copy of the land deed for the college among other items. The first president of Lambton College was Wolfgang Franke. He started full-time duties in January 1967 and his starting salary was $18,000. The first faculty tour of the original site was delayed because the building housing the classrooms was locked and no one had the key. Faculty member Ron Lawrence discovered (much to his dismay) that his house key fit the lock. In 1975 a sculpture commissioned by the school, Homage, was constructed by artist Haydn Davies. The college destroyed the sculpture in 2005. The destruction of the sculpture has been controversial and was the subject of a lawsuit settled in 2010.[16][17]



Lambton's international programming began in 1996 with an initiative in China.[18] The international department at Lambton now includes campuses in China, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia and there are between 380 and 500 international students on-campus and 3,500 at international campuses.[2][19]

Scholarships and bursaries


Lambton College offers a variety of scholarships and bursaries.[20][21] Lambton College scholarships for Aboriginal, First Nations and Métis students include: Aboriginal Post Secondary Education & Training Bursary.[22]

Notable alumni


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