Lambros Tzavelas

Lambros Tzavelas (Greek: Λάμπρος Τζαβέλας, 1745–1792) was a leader of the Souliotes. Lambros Tzavelas was famous for his role in the Souliot struggles against Ali Pasha, the Pasha of Yanina. Tzavelas was born in Souli.[1]

He was sent to help Ali Pasha to capture Gjirokastër with seventy Souliotes.[2] He was betrayed and his son Foto was captured and held prisoner in Castro castle in Ioannina, while Lambros was let free.[3] Foto was released by Ali Pasha's son. Veli Pasha.[4] He became the leader of the Souliotes following the death of his father. His grandson was Kitsos Tzavelas.


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