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Lake Washington School District

The Lake Washington School District #414 is a public school district in King County, Washington, in suburbs east of Seattle. As of 2018 it is the fourth-largest school district in Washington. It serves the region to the east of Lake Washington, one of the wealthiest in the Puget Sound area. The district serves the communities of Kirkland, Redmond, north Sammamish, and southern parts of Bothell and Woodinville.

In October 2018, the district had a student enrollment of 29,987.[1]

Education reformEdit

Lake Washington has taken a leadership role in education reform. They adopted reform mathematics texts such as TERC and Connected Mathematics, although these and similar text have been blamed for a dramatic decline in math skills of students entering the University of Washington, and some parents protested the complete omission of elementary arithmetic, particularly from TERC. The district is also piloting the requirement of a culminating project, which is being considered by the state, a move also protested by some parents who consider it an undue burden. The district leadership has been historically supportive of Outcomes-based education and the MSP assessment. Another part of their goal to help students achieve their maximum potential in the classroom includes web monitoring and filtering of harmful sites in and around a student's work environment. This also includes blocking sites such as Google, YouTube, and blogging websites at times. Various gaming websites are blocked too.


The district was formed in 1944 by combining three smaller districts:[2]

  • Redmond School District #208
  • Kirkland School District #224
  • Juanita School District #21.

The new district had seven schools; as of 2015, it has 53.[1]

In August 2012, LWSD moved the freshman class into its four high schools, and converted the junior highs to middle schools (grades 6-8).[3]

High schoolsEdit

Traditional high schoolsEdit

Formerly operated as senior high schools (grades 10-12), the four high schools added the freshman class in August 2012. All compete in the Kingco conference; one in Class 4A and three in Class 3A.[4]

High school Location Opened Mascot Colors Approx.
Eastlake Sammamish 1993 Wolves Crimson/Black 1,865 4A Eastlake
Juanita Kirkland 1971 Rebels Red/White/Blue 1,384 3A Juanita
Lake Washington Kirkland 1923 Kangaroos Purple/White 1,555 3A Lake Washington
Redmond Redmond 1965 Mustangs Green/Gold 1,870 3A Redmond
  • As of October 2018

Choice High SchoolsEdit

School Location Opened Mascot Colors Approx.
Emerson High School Kirkland Dragon Rainbow 50 Emerson HS
Futures School Kirkland 33 Futures School
International Community School Kirkland Phoenix Red/gold/black 184 ICS
Tesla STEM High School Redmond Green/blue/white 603 Tesla STEM HS
  • As of October 2018

Other high schoolsEdit

Middle schoolsEdit

The junior highs (grades 7-9) became middle schools (grades 6-8) in August 2018.

School Location Opened Mascot Colors Approx.
Emerson K-12 Kirkland Dolphins Blue/Green 28
Environmental (EAS) Kirkland Cedar Trees Brown/Green 141
Evergreen Middle School Redmond Eagles Green/blue 1,238
Finn Hill Middle School Kirkland Falcons Blue/Gold 655
International (ICS) Kirkland Phoenix Red/Gold/Black 249
Inglewood Middle School Sammamish Knights Blue/silver 1,265
Kamiakin Middle School Kirkland Cougars Moroon/Gold 596
Kirkland Middle School1 Kirkland Panthers Purple/white 608
Northstar Middle School Kirkland Patriots Red/white/blue 90
Redmond Middle School Redmond Grizzlies Black/red 1,057
Renaissance School of Art and Reasoning Sammamish Ravens Purple/black/silver 94
Rose Hill Middle School Redmond Royals Red/Blue/White 944
Stella Schola Middle School Redmond Authors Gold/white 90
Timberline Middle School Redmond 2019 Timberwolves Green/Black/White
  • As of October 2018

1) Includes a National Junior Honor's Society and Builder's Club.

Elementary schoolsEdit

School Location Opened Approx.
Alcott Elementary Redmond 675
Audubon Elementary Redmond 602
Bell Elementary Kirkland 420
Blackwell Elementary Sammamish 532
Carson Elementary Sammamish 448
Clara Barton Elementary Redmond 2018 526
Community School Kirkland 70
Dickinson Elementary Redmond 377
Discovery Community School Kirkland 70
Einstein Elementary Redmond 402
Ella Baker Elementary Redmond 2018 438
Emerson K-12 Kirkland 29
Explorer Elementary Redmond 69
Franklin Elementary Kirkland 497
Frost Elementary Kirkland 434
Juanita Elementary Kirkland 355
Keller Elementary Kirkland 332
Peter Kirk Elementary Kirkland 606
Lakeview Elementary Kirkland 545
Mann Elementary Redmond 385
McAuliffe Elementary Sammamish 530
Mead Elementary Sammamish 646
Muir Elementary Kirkland 420
Redmond Elementary Redmond 603
Rockwell Elementary Redmond 569
Rosa Parks Elementary Redmond Ridge 658
Rose Hill Elementary Kirkland 485
Rush Elementary Redmond 641
Sandburg Elementary Kirkland 469
Smith Elementary Sammamish 663
Thoreau Elementary Kirkland 472
Twain Elementary Kirkland 622
Wilder Elementary Woodinville 365
  • As of October 2012


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