Lake Ruovesi

Lake Ruovesi is a medium-sized lake in Finland. It is situated in the municipalities of Ruovesi and Mänttä-Vilppula in the Pirkanmaa region in western Finland. The lake is a part of the Kokemäki River basin and its main inflows are the Lake Tarjanne in north and the Lake Kuorevesi in the east. The lake drains into the lake Palovesi in south, which in its turn drains into the lake Näsijärvi.[1]

Lake Ruovesi
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Lake Ruovesi is located in Finland
Lake Ruovesi
Lake Ruovesi
LocationRuovesi, Mänttä-Vilppula
Coordinates61°59′N 24°07′E / 61.983°N 24.117°E / 61.983; 24.117Coordinates: 61°59′N 24°07′E / 61.983°N 24.117°E / 61.983; 24.117
Primary inflowsTarjanne, Lake Kuorevesi
Primary outflowsPalovesi
Catchment areaKokemäenjoki
Basin countriesFinland
Surface area32.107 km2 (12.397 sq mi)
Max. depth46.55 m (152.7 ft)
Shore length1319.12 km (198.29 mi)
Surface elevation96.1 m (315 ft)
IslandsLehtissaari, Sotkansaari
SettlementsRuovesi, Vilppula
1 Shore length is not a well-defined measure.

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