Lake Placid Olympic Ski Jumping Complex

The Lake Placid Olympic Ski Jumping Complex, also known as the MacKenzie Intervale Ski Jumping Complex, consists of HS100- and HS128-meter ski jump towers built for the 1980 Olympic Games in Lake Placid, New York, United States. Modernized and lengthened in 2021, they are the only jumps in North America homologated for winter and summer jumping competitions.[1] The complex is operated by the Olympic Regional Development Authority.[2]

Lake Placid Olympic
Ski Jumping Complex
LocationLake Placid, New York, US
OperatorOlympic Regional Development Authority
Opened21 February 1921 (Large)
December 1978 (Normal)
Expanded1923, 1932, 1950, 1965,
1977, 1980, 1983, 1994,
2011, 2021
K–point90 metres (300 ft)
115 metres (377 ft)
Hill size100 metres (330 ft)
128 metres (420 ft)
Hill record136 metres (446 ft)
Japan Ryōyū Kobayashi
(11 February 2023)
Top events
Olympics1932, 1980
World Championships1950

The 128-meter jump features a Observation deck which offers views of nearby John Brown's Farm and the surrounding High Peaks of the Adirondacks.[3] Training and competition for Nordic ski jumping takes place year round thanks to a plastic mat out-run on the 90m jump. The Freestyle Aerial Training Center is located to the right of the base of the jump towers. Aerialists can train in the summer months by jumping into a 750,000 gallon pool.[4]

In 2018, funding was approved to upgrade the tracks with cooling to ensure winter operation. Also, the smaller hills will be upgraded to current FIS standards with a safer spread of heights for jumpers to progress. This is in tandem with a number of major games being hosted by Lake Placid over the next few years.

On 11 February 2023, they hosted first World Cup Men's super team (pairs) event in history.

History Edit

The Lake Placid Club built the first ski jump on this site in 1920, using the hillside itself as the jump surface. The jump was referred to as the Intervales 35-meter jump. On February 21, 1921, the first competition was held at this site, drawing 3,000 spectators. The record jump for the day was 124 feet, set by Antony Maurer. In 1923, the jump was enlarged to fifty meters, and in 1927, a new steel tower was built, raising the jump to 60 meters. In 1928, the tower was raised to 75 meters; this was the tower used for the 1932 Winter Olympic Games. In 1977, the old tower was demolished to make way for new 70 and 90-meter jumps, used for the 1980 Winter Olympic Games. In 1994, the landing hills were re-graded to bring the jumps into compliance with current rules, and increasing their height to 90 and 120 meters.[5] In 2019, a pulse gondola was installed to replace an aging double chair which served the ski jumps.[6] In 2021, both jumps received upgrades that enabled year-round training and increased reliability, in addition to a new base lodge.[7][8]

The towers were built using a jacking system that lifted and poured concrete into the forms continuously, night and day, for 15 days for the larger jump, and 9 days for the smaller one.[citation needed]

The present record jumps stand at 105 meters for the 90-meter jump, set by Andrew Osadetz of Canada, and 136.0 meters for the 120-meter jump, set by Ryōyū Kobayashi of Japan.

Events Edit

Olympics Edit

The complex was a venue in the 1932 Winter Olympics and 1980 Winter Olympics.[9][10]

Olympic podiums
Year Date Hill Winner Second place Third place Ref
1932 12 February   K60   Birger Ruud   Hans Beck   Kåre Walberg [11]
1980 17 February   K86   Toni Innauer   Hirokazu Yagi
  Manfred Deckert
23 February   K114   Jouko Törmänen   Hubert Neuper   Jari Puikkonen

World Championships Edit

Year Date Hill Winner Second place Third place Ref
1950 5 February   K61   Hans Bjørnstad   Thure Lindgren   Arnfinn Bergmann [13]

FISU Winter World University Games Edit

Year Date Hill Winner Second place Third place Ref
↓ Men's Individual ↓
1972 5 March   K70   Hideki Nakano   Gariy Napalkov   Yuriy Kalinin [14][15]
2023 16 January   HS100   Danil Vassilyev   Maximilian Lienher   Timon-Pascal Kahofer [16]
↓ Women's Individual ↓
2023 16 January   HS100   Nicole Konderla   Machiko Kubota   Kinga Rajda [17]
↓ Team ↓
2023 18 January  
(Mixed team)  
HS100   Poland I
Nicole Konderla
Adam Niżnik
Machiko Kubota
Ryusei Ikeda
  Poland II
Kinga Rajda
Szymon Jojko
20 January  
(Men's team)  
HS100   Austria
Timon-Pascal Kahofer
Maximilian Lienher
Sergey Tkachenko
Danil Vassilyev
Sakutaro Kobayashi
Ryusei Ikeda
20 January  
(Women's team)  
HS100   Poland I
Kinga Rajda
Nicole Konderla
  Poland II
Paulina Cieślar
Anna Twardosz
Miki Ikeda
Machiko Kubota

World Cup Edit

Season Date Hill Winner Second place Third place Ref
↓ Men's Individual ↓
1982/83 15 January   K114   Matti Nykänen   Armin Kogler   Jeff Hastings [21]
16 January   K114   Matti Nykänen   Armin Kogler   Steinar Bråten [22]
1983/84 17 December   K86   Primož Ulaga   Matti Nykänen   Horst Bulau
  Jeff Hastings
18 December   K114   Jeff Hastings   Primož Ulaga   Jiří Parma [24]
1984/85 15 December   K114   Andreas Felder   Jiří Parma   Ernst Vettori [25]
16 December   K86   Andreas Felder   Jari Puikkonen   Per Bergerud [26]
1985/86 14 December   K114   Vegard Opaas   Primož Ulaga   Pavel Ploc [27]
15 December   K86   Franz Neuländtner   Ernst Vettori   Steve Collins [28]
1986/87 13 December   K114   Vegard Opaas   Ernst Vettori   Primož Ulaga [29]
14 December   K86   Ernst Vettori   Primož Ulaga   Vegard Opaas [30]
1987/88 12 December   K114   Pavel Ploc   Dieter Thoma   Andreas Bauer [31]
13 December   K86   Pavel Ploc   Jiří Parma   Vegard Opaas [32]
1988/89 10 December   K114   Jan Boklöv   Ernst Vettori   Pekka Suorsa [33]
11 December   K86   Vegard Opaas   Ernst Vettori   Thomas Klauser [34]
1989/90 9 December   K114   Ernst Vettori   Matti Nykänen   Jan Boklöv [35]
10 December   K86   Ari-Pekka Nikkola   Ernst Vettori   Andreas Felder
1990/91 1 December   K86   Andreas Felder   Ari-Pekka Nikkola   Anssi Nieminen [36]
2 December   K114   André Kiesewetter   Stephan Zünd   Ernst Vettori
2022/23 11 February   HS128   Andreas Wellinger   Ryōyū Kobayashi   Daniel Tschofenig [37]
12 February   HS128   Halvor Egner Granerud   Andreas Wellinger   Stefan Kraft [38]
↓ Men's Super team ↓
2022/23 11 February   HS128   Poland
Dawid Kubacki
Piotr Żyła
Daniel Tschofenig
Stefan Kraft
Ryoyu Kobayashi
Naoki Nakamura

Other Edit

References Edit

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44°15′22″N 73°57′50″W / 44.2561°N 73.9640°W / 44.2561; -73.9640