Lake Gusinoye

Lake Gusinoye (Russian: Гусиное озеро, Gusinoye ozero; Mongolian: Галуут нуур, Galuut nuur) is the name of a body of fresh water in the Republic of Buryatia, Russia.

Lake Gusinoye
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Lake Gusinoye is located in Republic of Buryatia
Lake Gusinoye
Lake Gusinoye
LocationRepublic of Buryatia, Russia
Coordinates51°12′N 106°24′E / 51.200°N 106.400°E / 51.200; 106.400Coordinates: 51°12′N 106°24′E / 51.200°N 106.400°E / 51.200; 106.400
Native nameГалуута нуур
Basin countriesRussia


The lake is located in the Gusinoozyor Basin between two ranges of the Selenga Highlands, about120 kilometers (75 mi) southwest of Ulan-Ude, the capital of the republic. It is close to the border with Mongolia. The town of Gusinoozyorsk is located on the northeastern shore of the lake. Tamchinsky Datsan, one of the ancient Buddhist monasteries of Russia, is located on the opposite bank, in the village with the same name as the lake, Gusinoye Ozero.[1]

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