Lajos Kossuth Elementary School

Coordinates: 47°59′32″N 20°50′10″E / 47.99222°N 20.83611°E / 47.99222; 20.83611 Lajos Kossuth Elementary School is an educational institute with eight grades located in Nyékládháza, Hungary. The principal is Miklós (Michael) Marján.


The school was founded by the local government of Nyékládháza City in 1978.


Educational activityEdit

In 2011 the number of indentured[clarification needed] students was 435. There are 19 classes, 9 lower schools and 10 upper schools.

  • Talent care
Within schedule: foreign language groups in English and German from 3rdh grade to 8th grade and high level mathematics from 4th grade
Freetime programs: preparatory classes in Hungarian Literature and in Mathematics for the 8th graders
  • Art courses with the help of art schools
Ede Reményi Elementary Musical Institute
Six instruments: piano, guitar, tuba, flute, and trumpet
Karakter Elementary Art Institute
Standard dance and Hungarian folk dance
  • ISK special classes: talent care and ensuring the daily exercise of the students
Sports: football, handball, karate, table tennis, and archery