The Lahore Gymkhana Club is a gentleman's and sports club, founded in 1878 in Lahore, Pakistan.

Lahore Gymkhana
Lahore Gymkhana Club
Ground information
LocationLahore, Pakistan
International information
First WODI25 March 2004:
 Pakistan v  West Indies
Last WODI1 January 2006:
 India v  Sri Lanka
As of 4 September 2020
Source: CricketArchive

It offers sports facilities, including golf, swimming, cricket, squash, tennis, billiards, and a gymnasium, and organizes family concerts, lectures, and seminars for its members. The club is spread over 117.03 acres (0.4736 km2).[1][2][3][4]

It also has the second oldest cricket ground in the Indian subcontinent, founded in 1878 under the name Lahore and Mian Mir Institute. The name was changed to Lahore Gymkhana in 1906. Lahore Gymkhana was moved to its present location at The Upper Mall in January 1972.[1] It has a very auspicious library consisting almost 100,000 books on different topics.[5]

After Pakistan's independence, the management of the club was taken over by local residents. It is presently managed by an elected twelve members executive committee. It is affiliated with Karachi Gymkhana, Islamabad Club and Chenab Club in Faisalabad, Pakistan.

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