Scene of the Crime (1996 film)

  (Redirected from Ladykiller (1996 film))

Scene of the Crime (also known by the title Ladykiller) is a 1996 American independent erotic thriller/mystery/suspense film.

Scene of the Crime a.k.a. Ladykiller
Na Cena do Crime (Portugal)
La Escena del crimen (Spain)
Directed byTerence H. Winkless
Produced byRoger Corman/Mike Elliott/Michael Amato (co-producer)
Written byCraig J. Nevius
StarringBen Gazzara,
Alex McArthur,
Renee Griffin,
Jacob Witkin
Music byJeff Winkless
Edited byDavid Byron Lloyd/Robert L. Goodman(recut)
Distributed byNew Horizon Picture Corp/Concorde Pictures/Showtime Networks/
Release date
Running time
83-90 min
CountryUnited States


Over a year after a chase to catch a serial slayer dubbed the 'LADYKILLER' ended in the death of his old partner. Lt. Jack 'Jigsaw' Lasky sees a chance to redeem himself in the eyes of his fellow men, when another serial killer, 'The Piggy Bank Murderer' starts preying on female students at a local campus. Slashing his victims throats with a switchblade before stuffing loose change into their mouths leaving behind the words "She Needed The Money" wherever he goes. Jack's search leads to a number one suspect in the form of Richard Darling an out-of-work actor drawn to the case for reasons unknown...just as he is drawn to Jack's art student daughter, Jennifer who is studying at exactly the same college as where these murders are occurring. As Jack finds himself becoming partnered to Richard who continues on suspiciously always being never far away from when the next homicide occurs. Jack searches to uncover this killer of girls before he concludes his slaughter spree with Jennifer.


Actor / Actress Character
Ben Gazzara Lt. Jack 'Jigsaw' Lasky
Alex McArthur Richard Darling
Renee Griffin (as Renee Ammann) Jennifer Lasky
Jacob Witkin Professor Dandridge
Stephen Davies Mike Fenton
Terri Treas Capt. Lorraine Hanover
Lucy Lee Flippin Mrs. Morlock
Jeannie Millar Nikki
Tim De Zarn Mackey
Steve Wilde Colin Taylor
Lisa Canning Leslie Vance
Landon Hall Vicky Gallagher
David Yost Josh White
Joanne Baron Marsha Levine
Jeff Winkless Len Mirkin
Julia Dahl Marci Davis
Jackie Debatin Tease
Rick Dean Everhard
Monique Parent Debbie Schaffer
Bob McFarland Lt. Hatcher
Eddie Driscoll Detective
Steve Tannen (as Steven Tannen) Detective
Terence H. Winkless (as Terence Henry) Detective

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