Sak Kʼukʼ

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Sak Kʼukʼ[N 1] also known as Muwaan Mat, Lady Sak Kʼukʼ and Lady Beastie (died 640), was queen of the Maya city-state of Palenque. She acceded to the throne in October, 612 and ruled until 615.[N 2][1]

Sak Kʼukʼ
Queen of Palenque
Sak Kʼukʼ in 615
ReignOctober, 612 – 615
PredecessorKʼinich Janaab Pakal (position uncertain) or Ajen Yohl Mat
SuccessorKʼinich Janaab Pakal I
Died(640-09-12)September 12, 640[citation needed]
SpouseKʼan Moʼ Hix
IssueKʼinich Janaab Pakal I
Ajen Yohl Mat?
FatherKʼinich Janaab Pakal
MotherYohl Ikʼnal or unknown
ReligionMaya religion


Her father was Janahb Pakal and her mother was Yohl Ikʼnal or unknown.[2] As Janaab Pakal seems to have had no male heirs, she ascended to the throne on 19 October 612, a few months after her father's death. After his maturity, her son Kʼinich Janaab Pakal I succeeded her as ruler on 5 Lamat 1 Mol.[3][4] She seems to have continued to wield considerable influence over Palenque in the early decades of her son's reign. For example, Sak Kʼukʼ is recorded on Pakal's sarcophagus lid as the ruler who celebrated the sealing of the Kʼatun on (25 January 633 AD). She was probably mother of Ajen Yohl Mat.[5][6]

Glyph of Sak Kʼukʼ


  1. ^ The ruler's name, when transcribed is ?-[MUWA꞉N]MAT.
  2. ^ These are the dates indicated on the Maya inscriptions in Mesoamerican Long Count calendar, Acceded: 9 Etzʼnab 6 Keh.


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Regnal titles
Preceded by
Janahb Pakal (position uncertain) or Ajen Yohl Mat
Queen of Palenque
October 19, 612 – 615
Succeeded by
Kʼinich Janaab Pakal I