Lady Yuhwa

Habaengnyeo (Korean하백녀; Hanja河伯女) or Habaengnyeorang (Korean하백녀랑; Hanja河伯女郞) was the daughter of Habaek (Korean하백; Hanja河伯), and the mother of Chumo the Holy of Goguryeo, the founder of the kingdom of Goguryeo.[1] She was also given the name Yuhwa (Korean유화; Hanja柳花) in Samguk Sagi and Samguk Yusa.[2]

Lady Yuhwa
DiedB.C. 24
IssueChumo the Holy of Goguryeo
Lady Yuhwa
Revised RomanizationHabaengnyeo
Birth name
Revised RomanizationHa Yuhwa
McCune–ReischauerHa Ryuhwa

Mythological overviewEdit

Habaek, the god of the Amnok River, had three beautiful daughters: Yuhwa, Hwonhwa (Korean훤화; Hanja萱花), and Wihwa (Korean위화; Hanja葦花). The sisters were playing on the riverside, but ran away as they saw Hae Mosu (Korean해모수; Hanja解慕漱) approached to them. To lure the ladies, Hae Mosu built a exquisitely decorated palace and held a banquet. After the sisters came into the palace and became drunk, Hae Mosu attempted to block the exit, and was able to capture Yuhwa.[3]

Outraged by kidnapping of Yuhwa, Habek sent his messenger to scold Hae Mosu. Ashamed by own action, Hae Mosu tried to let go Yuhwa, but Yuhwa refused to leave since she was fell in love with him. To solve the problem, Hae Mosu summoned a chariot drawn by five dragons, and went to the Habaek's palace. When they arrived, Habaek challenged Hae Mosu for a duel of metamorphosis.[3]

Habaek transformed into a carp, a pheasant, and a deer, only to be caught by Hae Mosu when he transformed into an otter, a hawk, and a wolf respectively. Witnessing the talent of Hae Mosu, Habaek held a banquet to celebrate the marriage. Once the couple became drunk, Habaek put them into the leather bag, and loaded to the dragon chariot to ascend the couple to the Heaven. However, Hae Mosu woke up in the middle of the travel, and ran away to the Heaven alone by cutting the leather bag with Yuhwa's golden hairpin.[3]

When Yuhwa came back alone, Habaek saw her as disgrace to the family. Habaek had her lips stretched out, and exiled her to Wubalsu (or Wubal Pond) (Korean우발수; Hanja優渤水), located at the south of Taebaeksan (or Taebaek Mountain) (Korean태백산; Hanja太白山) along with two servants.[3]

One day a fisherman reported to Geumwa of Buyeo that a strange creature was strolling underwater. The king ordered to catch the creature, and Yuhwa was pulled out from the water. Since her lips were stretched, it had to be cut three times for her to speak. The king realized that she was the concubine of Son of the Heaven, thus kept her in a detached palace where the sunlight followed Yuhwa and made her pregnant.[3]


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