Lady Wigram Trophy

The Lady Wigram Trophy is a New Zealand motorsport race trophy formerly awarded to the winner of the Wigram Airfield race. It made up part of the Tasman Series and classes like Formula Holden, Formula 5000, Formula Pacific and Formula Three. The Lady Wigram Trophy is now contested by the Toyota Racing Series at Mike Pero Motorsport Park.

Lady Wigram Trophy WinnersEdit

Ruapuna Park, used in 2003–2004, 2006–2012 and 2015–2018
Wigram Airfield Circuit, used in 1951–1954 and 1956–1994
Year Winner Car Circuit
1951   Les Moore Alfa Romeo Tipo B / Alfa 2905cc 8cyl s/c Wigram Airfield Circuit
1952   Les Moore Alfa Romeo Tipo B / Alfa 2905cc 8cyl s/c
1953   Ron Roycroft Alfa Romeo Tipo B / Alfa 2905cc 8cyl s/c
1954   Peter Whitehead Ferrari 125 / Ferrari 1995cc V12 s/c
1955 not contested
1956   Peter Whitehead Ferrari 500/750S / Ferrari 2968cc 4cyl Wigram Airfield Circuit
1957   Peter Whitehead Ferrari 555/860 / Ferrari 3431cc 4cyl
1958   Archie Scott-Brown Lister 57/1 / Jaguar 3781cc 6cyl
1959   Ron Flockhart BRM P25 / BRM 2497cc 4cyl
1960   Jack Brabham Cooper T51 / Climax 2495cc 4cyl
1961   Jack Brabham Cooper T53 / Climax 2495cc 4cyl
1962   Stirling Moss Lotus 21 / Climax 2495cc 4cyl
1963   Bruce McLaren Cooper T62 / Climax 2750cc 4cyl
1964   Bruce McLaren Cooper T70 / Climax 2499cc 4cyl
1965   Jim Clark Lotus 32B / Climax 2499cc 4cyl
1966   Jackie Stewart BRM P261 / BRM 1916cc V8
1967   Jim Clark Lotus 33 / Climax 1987cc V8
1968   Jim Clark Lotus 49T / Cosworth 2491cc V8
1969   Jochen Rindt Lotus 49BT / Cosworth 2491cc V8
1970   Frank Matich McLaren M10A / Chevrolet 4995cc V8
1971   Graham McRae McLaren M10B / Chevrolet 4988cc V8
1972   Graham McRae Leda GM1 / Chevrolet 4995cc V8
1973   Graham McRae McRae GM1 / Chevrolet 4995cc V8
1974   John McCormack Elfin MR5 Repco-Holden
1975   Graham McRae McRae GM2 / Chevrolet 4995cc V8
1976   Ken Smith Lola T332 / Chevrolet 4995cc V8
1977   Tom Gloy Tui BH2 - Ford BDA Nicholson
1978   Larry Perkins Ralt RT1 - Ford BDA Swindon
1979   Dave McMillan Ralt RT1 - Ford BDA Hart
1980   Dave McMillan Ralt RT1 - Ford BDA Hart
1981   David Oxton Ralt RT4/80 - Ford BDA
1982   Roberto Moreno Ralt RT4/82 - Ford BDA Nicholson
1983   Allen Berg Ralt RT4/82 - Ford BDD
1984   Davy Jones Ralt RT4/82 - Ford BDD
1985   Ross Cheever Ralt RT4 Ford
1986   Jeff MacPherson Ralt RT4 Ford
1987   Paul Radisich Ralt RT4 Ford
1988   Dean Hall Swift Cosworth
1989   Hiro Matsushita Swift Cosworth
1990   Craig Baird Swift Cosworth
1991   Ken Smith Swift Toyota
1992   Craig Baird Reynard 92H - Toyota
1993   Craig Baird Reynard 92H - Toyota
1994   Paul Stokell Reynard 90D Holden
1995–2002 not contested
2003   Darren Palmer Dallara F301 - Opel Spiess Ruapana Park
2004   Daniel Gaunt Dallara F301 - Opel Spiess
2005 not contested
2006   Matthew Hamilton Tatuus TT104ZZ Toyota Ruapana Park
2007   Daniel Gaunt Tatuus TT104ZZ Toyota
2008   Earl Bamber Tatuus TT104ZZ Toyota
2009   Ken Smith Lola T430 - Chevrolet
2010   Roger Williams Lola T332 - Chevrolet
2011   Jay Esterer McRae GM1 - Chevrolet
2012   Steve Ross McRae GM1 - Chevrolet
2013–2014 not contested
2015   Lance Stroll Tatuus FT-50 Toyota Mike Pero Motorsport Park
2016   Jehan Daruvala Tatuus FT-50 Toyota
2017   Jehan Daruvala Tatuus FT-50 Toyota
2018   Marcus Armstrong Tatuus FT-50 Toyota