Labor Party (El Salvador)

The Labor Party (Partido Laborista) was a Salvadoran political party that existed from 1930 to 1931.

Labor Party
Partido Laborista
LeaderArturo Araujo
BannedDecember 1931
HeadquartersSan Salvador
IdeologySocial democracy[1]
Land reform[2]
Political positionCenter-left

The party was founded by Arturo Araujo in 1930. The party joined a coalition with Maximiliano Hernández Martínez's National Republican Party during the 1931 general election.[3] The coalition failed to win a majority but Araujo was elected president by the Legislative Assembly.

The party dissolved following the 1931 Salvadoran coup d'état when all political parties were banned.[4]

Electoral history Edit

Presidential elections Edit

Election Candidate Votes % Result Ref.
1931 Arturo Araujo 106,777
Elected  Y [3]

Legislative Assembly elections Edit

Election Votes % Position Seats +/– Status in legislature
1931 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown New Government

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References Edit

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