La Sombra del Iceberg

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La Sombra del Iceberg (Spanish for The Shadow of the Iceberg) is a 2007 documentary film, that claims the photograph The Falling Soldier by Robert Capa was staged, and that Federico Borrell García was not the individual in the picture.[1][2]

The documentary makes several claims:[3]

  • A 1937 Spanish anarchist publication claimed that Federico Borrell died behind a tree.
  • A specialist in forensic science claimed after analyzing pictures of Borrell and pictures of the militiaman that he is not Federico Borrell García.
  • In 1975 a journalist named Gallaher said that Capa told him that the picture was staged.
  • An astronomical study concludes that the picture was taken at 9:00 a.m., not at 17:00. No battle happened at 9:00.


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