La cambiale is a 1959 Italian comedy film directed by Camillo Mastrocinque.[1][2]

La cambiale
La cambiale poster.jpg
Directed byCamillo Mastrocinque
Written byLuigi Magni, Vittorio Metz, Roberto Gianviti
Produced byFranco Palaggi
StarringTotò, Peppino De Filippo, Ugo Tognazzi, Vittorio Gassman, Aroldo Tieri, Sandra Mondaini, Raimondo Vianello
CinematographyAlvaro Mancori
Music byCarlo Innocenzi
Release date
Running time
105 min


Commander Bruscatelli, before being imprisoned, leaves the Posalaquaglia cousins a bill of exchange which they give to Temistocle Bisogni in compensation for the damage they have committed in his tobacco shop. This letter undergoes opposition, passes from hand to hand before returning to Bisogni who passes it to Posalaquaglia in exchange for false testimony. The two are arrested and find Bruscatelli, who renews the bill of exchange with another equivalent.



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