La Voz Perú (English: The Voice Peru) is a Peruvian reality talent show that premiered on Latina Televisión in 2013. Based on the reality singing competition The Voice of Holland, the series was created by Dutch television producer John de Mol.[1]

La Voz Peru
GenreTalent show
Created byJohn de Mol
Presented by
Country of originPeru
Original languageSpanish
No. of seasons5
No. of episodes190
Production locationsLima, Peru
Running time120 min.
Original networkLatina Televisión
Original release
  • Original:
    30 September 2013 (2013-09-30) – 18 December 2015 (2015-12-18)
  • Reboot:
    14 June 2021 (2021-06-14) – present (present)
The Voice franchise
La Voz Kids Perú

History Edit

The voice format was devised by John de Mol, creator of Big Brother, and unlike other singing talent shows because only the voice potential will be evaluated without giving importance to the physical appearance of the participants.

This is a foreign format, produced in different parts of the world with great success in 2011. Peru will voice a jury of four professionals who back the participants will hear them sing. When one of them likes what they hear, the coaches in question will press a button and your chair will turn, making it the "godfather" of the contestant.

The novelty of this show is the dynamics of the program. Unlike other contests of song, this version added an ingredient of coaches, who will be four remain turned on during the performance of the participants. Thus, only from the voice, each coach will select what participants want for your team.

Thus, the contest will be divided into different phases: the instance of a "blind" song, the selection and the duel between teams prepared for special galas shows and live performances.

Format Edit

La Voz Perú is to choose between a group of contestants, of different ages, those who stand out for their vocal qualities without image influence the decision of the coaches, composed of well-known artists who later directed their education. This format aims to try to find the best voice in Peru.

Blind auditions Edit

In the Blind auditions, each coach completes a team of artists by using only the sense of hearing, being unable to see them. Within ninety seconds, coaches must decide whether they want the participant for their team or not. If several coaches wish to have the same contestant, the last word is of the participant. Once the teams are formed, each coach will be responsible to train the artists for the second phase. In the fourth season, a new element was added, the "Block" button, which allows a coach to block another to prevent them from recruiting the artist on its team. Each coach has granted three blocks to use in the entire stage.

Battles Edit

In the Battles, each coach will put two (or three, rarely) of their participants head-to-head singing a song together. Both singers should shine in a duet (or trio) and the coach will decide which of them is the winner of the battle. The winners of these battles advance to the next stage. In season two, "Steals" were added, this allows another coach to save another artist from another team who lose the battle. However, in the fourth season, "Steal" was removed in this round. The "Steals" returned the following season, where coaches can save only one artist from another team.

Sing-offs Edit

From season one through three, in the Sing-offs every coach must save six participants to send them directly to the live shows so that the three missing have to sing in front of the coach the song performed in blind auditions, thus, the coach will save two and will have to eliminate the other to reach the live show with eight participants each team.

Knockouts Edit

This was introduced in the fourth season, replacing the Sing-offs. In this round, coaches would group the artist into pairs and will sing the song of the artist's choice, and the coach will choose one artist to proceed to the next round. Also, "Steals" were added in this round, allowing another coach to save the losing artist from another team.

Live shows Edit

In the live shows, each coach will assess their team members weekly, and after the performances, some are saved by the public and others by their coach. In the finale, they not only present songs solo, but each finalist also performs a duet with her coach. The final word is from the public, which enshrines one of the four finalists to be the voice of Peru.

Coaches Edit

On Saturday, 3 August 2013, the official list of the four coaches of La Voz Perú was released: Puerto Rican singer Jerry Rivera, Mexican pop singer Kalimba, Venezuelan singer José Luis "El Puma" Rodríguez, and Peruvian singer Eva Ayllón. The panel remained for the series' second season, in 2014.

On Monday, 10 August 2015, a new coaching panel was revealed for the third season: returning coach Eva Ayllón, Nicaraguan singer Luis Enrique, Mexican rock singer Álex Lora, and Peruvian singer Gian Marco Zignago.

In May 2021, Latina Televisión confirmed a new season of La Voz Perú. New coaches Mike Bahía, Daniela Darcourt, and Guillermo Dávila join original coach, Ayllón.

On 4 April 2022, Latina Televisión announced via the official La Voz Perú Facebook profile the coaches for the fifth season. Christian Yaipén and Noel Schajris are the new coaches, while Darcourt and Ayllón return as coaches from last season.

In January 2023, it was announced that the coaches for the sixth season will feature returning coach Ayllón, The Voice Kids coach Maricarmen Marín, The Voice Senior coach Raúl Romero, and new coach Mauricio Mesones.[2][3]

Coaches' timeline
Coach Season
1 2 3 4 5 6
Eva Ayllón
Jerry Rivera
José Luis Rodríguez
Álex Lora
Gian Marco Zignago
Luis Enrique
Daniela Darcourt
Guillermo Dávila
Mike Bahía
Christian Yaipén
Noel Schajris
Maricarmen Marín
Raúl Romero
Mauricio Mesones

Coaches' teams Edit

  Third place
  Fourth place
Season José Luis Rodríguez Kalimba Jerry Rivera Eva Ayllón
1 Daniel Lazo
Alejandro Guerrero
Claudia Serpa
Jhonatan Sánchez
Michael Abanto
Fico Mau
Claudio Urrutia
Silvana Del Campo
Karolina Cruz
Alejandra Alfaro
Jeremy Gómez
Cielo Torres
Javier Arias
Aldo Riccio
Stephanie Chaparro
Leo Rengifo
2 Martin Tremolada
Juliana Molina
José Gaona
Cristian Tasilla
Teresa Medrano
Miguel Laporte
Álvaro Rivera
Angélica Pineda
Ruby Palomino
Glenizaida Almánzar
Renzo Vásquez
Gabriela Zambrano
Ronald Arteta
Noelia Calle
Maricruz Bisso
Raúl Fernandez
3 Álex Lora Gian Marco Zignago Luis Enrique Eva Ayllón
Yamilet de la Jara
Franco Cáceres
Steph Red
Jefferson Tadeo
Susan Ochoa
Diego Chavez
Luis Alcazar
Grecia Cadillo
Jairo Tafur
Roberto Herrera
Cedric Vidal
Kate Higa
Jair Mendoza
Ángela Begazo
Robinson Vidal
Pamela Abanto
4 Daniela Darcourt Guillermo Dávila Mike Bahía Eva Ayllón
Aldair Sánchez
Sebastian Palma
Joaquina Carruitero
Jair Montaño
Grace Morales
Freddy Armas
Jean Paul Moreno
Marcela Navarro
Fito Flores
Sebastian Mahle
Emanuel Rivera
Edu Baluarte
Oriana Montero
Miluska Eskenazi
Joseph Buitrón
Randy Feijoo
Jeyko Atoche
Iván MC
Nicolle Manrique
Stefano Grande
Jesús Zaez
Karin Idol
Paula Leonardi
Valeria Zapata
Thony Valencia
Lucy Young
Milena Warthon
Giani Méndez
Narda Pumarada
Carmen Marina
Natasha Hernández
5 Daniela Darcourt Noel Schajris Christian Yaipén Eva Ayllón
Tesania Castro-Pozo
Gabriela Salazar
Veruska Verdú
Coti Loyola
Vanessa Cardiu
Edu Lecca
Fernanda Rivera
Sandra Saldaña
Deyker Alexander
Lita Pezo
Arturo Sonero
Carmen Castro
Gretell Sanabia
6 Maricarmen Marín Raúl Romero Mauricio Mesones Eva Ayllón
Lucero López
María Paola
Giani Méndez
Grace Morales
Asmir Young
Richie Ramírez
Arnold Alcántara
Frank Ariel
Luis Manuel
Joss Quintana
Celima Victoria
Edmary Gómez
Lucy Young
Jhon Camacho
Dimas Ysla
Fabián Quiala

Series overview Edit

Warning: the following table presents a significant amount of different colors.

La Voz Perú series overview
Season Aired Winner Runner-up Third place Fourth place Winning coach Presenters Coaches (chairs' order)
1 2 3 4
1 2013 Daniel Lazo Javier Arias Michael Abanto Karolina Cruz José Luis Rodríguez Cristian Rivero,
Diego Ubierna
Puma Kalimba Jerry Eva
2 2014 Ruby Palomino Martin Tremolada Teresa Medrano Ronald Arteta Jerry Rivera Eva Kalimba
3 2015 Yamilet de Jara Susan Ochoa Jairo Tafur Jair Mendoza Álex Lora Rivero, Alzamora Álex Gian Eva Luis
4 2021 Marcela Navarro Randy Feijoo Valeria Zapata Aldair Sánchez Guillermo Dávila Rivero, Karen Schwarz Daniela Guillermo Mike Eva
5 2022 Lita Pezo Edu Lecca Veruska Vurdú Beik Eva Ayllón Noel Eva Christian
6 2023 Luis Manuel Lucero López Asmir Young Lucy Young Mauricio Mesones Alzamora,
María Paz
Maricarmen Raúl Mauricio

Kids edition Edit

La Voz Kids is a Peruvian singing competition produced by Rayo in collaboration with Talpa Media, aired on Latina Televisión on 13 January 2014. After the success of La Voz Perú, Latina Televisión launched an advertisement preparing a children's version, which had already been broadcast in other countries under the format of The Voice Kids. The Peruvian La Voz Kids began recording in November 2013. The show focuses on choosing between a group of children from 8 to 14 years old that stand out for their vocal qualities, with their looks not influencing the decision of the coaches – who are made up of well-known artists who mentor the children. The first three seasons were hosted by Cristian Rivero. Also hosting, the first season counted with Almendra Gomelsky; Gigi Mitre for the second season, and Katia Condos for the third. The coaches for the first season were Peruvian folklore singer Eva Ayllón, Mexican pop singer Kalimba, and Peruvian pop singer Anna Carina. Luis Enrique replaced Kalimba in the third season. The reboot of the La Voz Perú came with a fourth season for the kids. The fourth season started to be broadcast on 19 October 2021, with Ayllón coming back as a coach alongside Christian Yaipén, Daniela Darcourt, and Joey Montana. Rivero was joined by Gianella Neyra to host the show. For the fifth season that began broadcasting in 2022, Rivero returned as host and was joined by Karen Schwarz. Ayllón returned as a coach with new coaches Víctor Muñoz, Ezio Oliva, and Maricarmen Marín.

Series overview Edit

Warning: the following table presents a significant amount of different colors.

Peruvian La Voz Kids series overview
Season Aired Winner Runner-up Third place Fourth place Winning coach Presenters Coaches (chairs' order)
1 2 3 4
1 2014 Amy Gutiérrez Sebastián Reategui Valeria Zapata No fourth finalist Kalimba Cristian Rivero Almendra Gomelsky Eva Kalimba Anna No fourth coach
2 2015 Sofía Hernández D'Angelo Perez Fabrizio Gálvez Gigi Mitre
3 2016 Nicolás Parra Nicole Rosa Úrsula Eyzaguirre Anna Carina Katia Condos Luis Eva
4 2021 Gianfranco Bustios Ángelo Villanueva César Vicente Fernanda Rivera Daniela Darcourt Gianella Neyra Christian Joey Daniela
5 2022 Gianmarco Morales Stive Kidman Facu Douglas Mogollón Víctor Muñoz Karen Schwarz Víctor Ezio Maricarmen

Coaches' timeline Edit

Coach Seasons
1 2 3 4 5
Eva Ayllón
Anna Carina
Luis Enrique
Christian Yaipén
Daniela Darcourt
Joey Montana
Maricarmen Marín
Ezio Oliva
Víctor Muñoz

Teams Edit

Season Eva Ayllón Kalimba Anna Carina
1 Valeria Zapata
Erick Napa
Jessica Narváez
Mauricio Ormeño
Josué Aldave
Kevin Villaverde
Adela Padilla
Ariana Stisin
Bárbara Tipian
Antonella Montalvo
Maryuri Peña
Rudy Cabrera
Jean Pool Meléndez
Nancy Godoy
Víctor García
Diego Rubio
Marjorie Godoy
Luz Manchego
Amy Gutiérrez
Camila Castillo
Sandra Saldaña
Miguel Ángel Rodríguez
Michael Villar
Dayana Pauccar
Sonalí Oré
Nicolás Orejuela
Sally Macedo
Killa Tupayachi
Daniela Prado
Ariana Roggero
Vanessa Angúlo
Dayana Campos
Marcia Acasiete
Marianélida Baca
Dayana León
Paola Egusquiza
Sebastián Reátegui
Francesca Siche
Tiffany Terrones
Gonzalo Kujón
Shania Lazo
Nicole Tudela
Camila Yanqui
Tatiana Medina
Olga Juárez
Dulce Nicole
Karimé Castillo
Renato Valdivia
Grecia Huertas
Nayeli Ramírez
Daniela Lam
Alexandra Fernández
Yalú Olaya
Valeria Vertiz
2 D'Angelo Perez
Amanda Legario
Nicole Salinas
Daniela Aybar
Daniela Balbuena
Rocío Soto
María De Los Angeles
Brenda Morí
Eva María Huertas
Celeste Manrique
Rocío Miranda
Nathaly Gutiérrez
Karely Maza
Cristian Alcázar
Sofia Hernández
María Fe Velito
Ana Paula Vera Tudela
Lucero Koyama
Nathaly Esquerre
Luna Chavarri
Camila Dellepiane
Kiara Álvarez
Clenith Coaquira
Erika Rivas
Natalia Salinas
Leslie Figueroa
Meylin Sullon
Jesús Rojas
Fabrizio Galvez
Noelani Aspiros
Luis Roldan
Brenda Torres
Anali Leon
Aracelly del Carmen
María Gracia Delgado
Luz Chávez
Melanie Caldas
Renato Yáñez
Aracely Taboada
Karina Mendoza
Daniela Ahón
Shirell De La Cruz
3 Luis Enrique Eva Ayllón Anna Carina
Úrsula Eyzaguirre
Marcelo García
Esmeralda Díaz
Ángelica Dávila
Jair Montaño
Francisco Vidal
Nicole La Rosa
Jack León
Camila Lizarribar
Anely Dávila
Aarón Guerrero
Willy Pisco
Nicolás Parra
Flavia Pajuelo
Gianella Quezada
David Chávez
Luciana Ríos
María Fernanda Dámazo
4 Christian Yaipén Eva Ayllón Joey Montana Daniela Darcourt
Angelo Villanueva
Luna Vásquez
Paulina Villalobos
César Vicente
Sabrina Quintana
Cielo Sánchez
Fernanda Rivera
Vincenzo Leonardi
Stiven Franco
Gianfranco Bustios
Lucía Grundy
Fiorella Caballero
5 Victor Muñoz Eva Ayllón Ezio Oliva Maricarmen Marín
Gianmarco Morales
Lucciana Vega
Camila Giménez
Alice Belleza
Thiago Castañeda
Douglas Mogollón
Victoria Camacho
Dariana Rodríguez
Stive Kidman
Alfrelith Urquiola
Kamila Bolívar

Senior edition Edit

La Voz Senior is a Peruvian singing competition produced by Rayo in collaboration with Talpa Media, that began airing on Latina Televisión in August 2021. The inaugural season was hosted by Cristian Rivero, and had Eva Ayllón, Daniela Darcourt, Tony Succar, and the duo Pimpinela as coaches.[4] The second season began airing in August 2022 with Ayllón and Darcourt returning as coaches. They were joined by new coaches René Farrait and Raúl Romero.

Series overview Edit

Peruvian La Voz Senior series overview
Season Aired Winner Runner-up Third place Fourth place Winning coach Presenters Coaches (chairs' order)
1 2 3 4
1 2021 Mito Plaza Lourdes Carhuas Luis Ángel Reddel Oscar Centeno Pimpinela Cristian Rivero, Karen Schwarz Daniela Pimpinela Eva Tony
2 2022 Javier Carranza Otoniel Darío Ana María Rossi Sonia Bertha Eva Ayllón René Raúl

Coaches' timeline Edit

Coach Seasons
1 2 3
Eva Ayllón
Daniela Darcourt
Tony Succar
Raúl Romero
René Farrait
Mauricio Mesones

Coaches' gallery Edit

Teams Edit

  Third place
  Fourth place
Season Daniela Darcourt Pimpinela Eva Ayllón Tony Succar
1 Oscar Centeno
Caridad Plaza
Pepo Orozco
Miguel Vallejo
Denys Torres
Mito Plaza
Angela Caballero
Carlos Alonso
José Luis Meza
Rosa Muñoz
Jorge Luis Bendezú
Luis Ángel Reddel
Julio César Mancilla
Maby Curich
Fernando Campos
Virginia Cano
Roberto Pescasio
Lourdes Carhuas
Abel Alcántara
Reiser Vásquez
Los Bardos del Son
Eduardo Barrón
Lalo Quispe
2 Daniela Darcourt René Farrait Eva Ayllón Raúl Romero
Otoniel Darío
Renán Eduardo
Yolanda Carbajal
Marco Antonio Roldá
Ana María Rossi
Luis Reynaga
Tito Bravo
Silvia Cornejo
Javier Carranza
Los Hermanos Vera
Haydee Ledesma
Abraham Páucar
Sonia Bertha
Raúl Abril
Jeanette Romer

Generations edition Edit

La Voz Generaciones is the Peruvian singing competition produced by Rayo in collaboration with Talpa Media, aired on Latina Televisión. The inaugural season was hosted by Cristian Rivero and Karen Schwarz. The coaches for the first season consisted of Christian Yaipén, mother-son duo Mimy & Tony Succar, and Eva Ayllón.

Series overview Edit

Peruvian La Voz Generaciones series overview
Season Aired Winner Runner-up Third place Winning coach Presenters Coaches (chairs' order)
1 2 3
1 2022-2023 Dante & Paul Dávila Familia Chacaltana Las Rosas de Guadalupe Christian Yaipén Cristian Rivero,
Karen Schwarz
Christian Mimy & Tony Eva

Coaches' timeline Edit

Coach Seasons
Eva Ayllón
Mimy & Tony Succar
Christian Yaipén

Coaches' gallery Edit

Teams Edit

  Third place
Season Christian Yaipén Mimy & Tony Eva Ayllón
1 Dante & Paul Dávila
Julio & César Mancilla
Los Bolivar
Koa Música Acapella
Las Rosas de Guadalupe
Los Leonardi
Los Palma
Eduardo & Edy
Familia Chacaltana
Los Moscoso
Las Dueñas
Coro Clave de Do

References Edit

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