La Vendedora de fantasías

La Vendedora de fantasías (The Fantasy Saleswoman) is a 1950 Argentine crime comedy film directed by Daniel Tinayre. It stars Mirtha Legrand and Alberto Closas.

La Vendedora de fantasías
La Vendedora de fantasias.jpg
Film poster for La Vendedora de fantasías
Directed byDaniel Tinayre, Orlando Zumpano
Written byAlejandro Verbitsky and Emilio Villalba Welsh
Produced byEdgardo Togni
StarringMirtha Legrand and Alberto Closas
CinematographyAlberto Etchebehere
Edited byJorge Gárate
Music byVíctor Slister
Release date
  • 1950 (1950)
Running time
97 minutes


Marta (Legrand), a department store clerk, aids her police detective fiancé (Closas) in hunting down a gang of jewel thieves. She awakens to later realise that it was all a dream.[1]



The critic King thought it was "good cinema and another opportunity to laugh" and Noticias Gráficas considered it a "funny, agile and very well filmed police farce". Film writers Raúl Manrupe and María Alejandra Portela write: "Successful at the time, today it can be seen as an exercise of formal and conceptual arbitrariness. Valued in part by the critics, it retains some effective moments."[2]


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