La Stellidaura vendicante

Difendere l'offensore overo La Stellidaura vendicante ("Vengeful Stellidaura"; Naples, 1674) is an opera by Francesco Provenzale. It is one of only two operas by Provenzale to survive.[1]

The opera was a major success for Provenzale and continued in the repertoire.[2]



  1. ^ Julie Anne Sadie: Companion to Baroque Music (1998), p. 76: "Provenzale was particularly active as an opera composer in the 1650s and again in the 1670s, although he may well have ... Only two operas that are entirely his own work survive, Lo schiavo di sua moglie (1671) and La Stellidaura vendicata."
  2. ^ Susan McClary: Structures of Feeling in Seventeenth-Century Cultural Expression (2013) p. 44: "He was among the first to recognize the talent of the young Niccolino Grimaldi, who made his debut at the age of twelve as a soprano in the summer 1685 production of Provenzale's La Stellidaura vendicante, and in the following year received ..."

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