La Razón (Madrid)

La Razón (Spanish pronunciation: [la raˈθon]; lit. 'The Reason') is a daily newspaper based in Madrid, Spain. It has the sixth-highest circulation among general-interest Spanish dailies, and the fourth-highest among those based in Madrid.[1]

La Razón
La Razón logo.svg
Madrid - Sede del diario La Razón (calle Josefa Valcárcel 42) 2.JPG
TypeDaily newspaper
Owner(s)Grupo Planeta
PublisherMauricio Casals
EditorFrancisco Marhuenda
Founded1998; 22 years ago (1998)
Political alignmentConservatism, Catholicism, Spanish nationalism, Right wing, Monarchism
HeadquartersMadrid, Spain
Circulation103,789 (2011)

The newspaper has satellite news bureaux, and local editions, in Barcelona, Murcia, Seville, Valencia and Valladolid.

History and stanceEdit

La Razón was founded in 1998 by Luis Maria Ansón.[2][3] The paper is owned by Grupo Planeta[4][5] and based in Madrid.[6] The newspaper's editorial stances are primarily liberal economically and conservative socially. The paper has also a rightist stance.[7][8]


La Razón had a circulation of 140,000 copies in 2003.[9] The 2008 circulation of the paper was 153,024 copies.[10] It was 124,284 copies in 2009, 118,466 copies in 2010 and 103,789 copies in 2011.[11] Between July 2010 and June 2011 the paper had a circulation of 109,166 copies.[1]


Francisco Marhuenda is the editor of the daily.[2] Leading contributors include Alfonso Ussía, César Vidal, Carmen Gurruchaga and Carlos Rodríguez Braun.[2]


La Razón has been a focus of attention for the intentionality in the design of the front pages, appearing even in other media and causing big debates in the social networks.[12]

The edition of 9 May 2012 caused a big aversion in some sectors, and it was criticized by the Le Monde newspaper, where it appeared photos of five students with names and surnames and a text below describing them as "bad students" and "stirrers" to make a call for participation on a protest against the cutbacks on education. The student union decided to report the newspaper.[13]

In the aftermath of the November 2015 Paris attacks, the paper published a doctored image of Veerender Jubbal, a Canadian Sikh, falsely labelling him as “one of the terrorists”.[14]


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