La Morella

La Morella or Morella is a mountain located in Begues municipality, Catalonia, Spain. It has an elevation of 593 metres above sea level.[1]

La Morella
Cim de la Morella.JPG
Cross on La Morella summit
Highest point
Elevation593 m (1,946 ft)
Coordinates41°17′47.7″N 1°54′55.8″E / 41.296583°N 1.915500°E / 41.296583; 1.915500Coordinates: 41°17′47.7″N 1°54′55.8″E / 41.296583°N 1.915500°E / 41.296583; 1.915500
LocationGarraf, Catalonia
Parent rangeGarraf Massif
(Catalan Coastal Range)
Mountain typeKarstic
First ascentUnknown
Easiest routeFrom Castelldefels

It is the second highest point of the Garraf Massif, Catalan Coastal Range.

The Morella windEdit

'Morella' is also the name of a wind. Vent de Morella, llevant després d'ella (The wind from Morella is followed by wind from the east).[2] In certain areas close to Barcelona 'Morella' refers to the southern wind coming from the area of this mountain, but in areas closer to Aragon, like Cervera, it refers to the wind coming from the area of the city of Morella, Al matí Morella i a la tarda Tramuntana (In the morning Morella wind and in the afternoon northern wind).[3]

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