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La Méprise (Marivaux) is a comedy in one act and in prose, written by French playwright Pierre de Marivaux and first performed on August 6, 1734 by the Comédie-Italienne at the théâtre of the Hôtel de Bourgogne.


  • Clarice
  • Hortense, Clarice's sister
  • Ergaste
  • Lisette, Clarice's servant
  • Arlequin, Hortense's servant
  • Frontin, Ergaste's servant.


Two sisters, both blonde and charming, dress the same. The play is set in a park, where the young ladies are having a walk, hiding their face behind a mask. Ergaste, the lover, thinks he is talking to one sister when in fact it is the other. quid pro quos follow, until the two sisters disappear together.


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