The second and final season of the American television series La Doña was confirmed by Telemundo in May 2019.[1] The season is starring an ensemble cast headed by Aracely Arambula, Carlos Ponce, and David Zepeda.

La Doña
Season 2
No. of episodes75
Original networkTelemundo
Original release13 January (2020-01-13) –
27 April 2020 (2020-04-27)
List of episodes





Recurring and guest




On 14 May 2018, Aracely Arámbula announced through her Instagram account that La Doña had been renewed for a second season.[7] It was not until a year later, on 9 May 2019 that Telemundo made the announcement official.[8][9] On 22 August 2019, People en Español magazine confirmed the entire cast that would be in the second season.[4] It was also confirmed that David Chocarro would no longer be part of the cast,[10][11] and that Danna Paola would only have a guest role due to her commitment to the Élite series.[4] The actors who did retake their character from the previous season are José María Galeano, Andrea Martí, Diego Soldano, Leo Deluglio, Simone Victoria, Mayra Sierra, and Aquiles Cervantes.[4]



The season premiered on 13 January 2020 with a total of 1 million viewers, and 470 thousand adults between 18–49 years, according to Nielsen Data released by PRODU.[12] Despite this, the season failed to beat the Turkish series Kara Sevda of Univision,[13] and during its first week on air, it failed to reach one million viewers.[14]


No. in
TitleOriginal air dateUS viewers
1211"El regreso"13 January 2020 (2020-01-13)1.03[15]
After two years away from everyone Altagracia resides in Rio de Janeiro with her new boyfriend Thiago doing illegal business. On the other hand, in Mexico a new band of criminals called Los Arcoíris kidnap women, abuse them and then kill them. But not only that, there are also new enemies for Altagracia, all the relatives of the men she killed want revenge. Meanwhile Mónica and Regina are victims of an attack, and Saúl disappears. What makes Altagracia decide to return to Mexico, to protect her family. But upon arrival she learns that Saúl was killed and she is arrested by León Contreras.
1222"Detrás de la venganza"14 January 2020 (2020-01-14)0.94[16]
After the arrest of Altagracia, all her enemies find out that she is alive and will try to kill her. On the other hand Alfonso Cabral lets Romelia know that Altagracia's lawyer, Braulio Padilla is alive. Meanwhile, Mónica tries to discover who murdered Saúl and that is how she meets Noelia, an informant who helped Saúl with the case of Los Arcoíris.
1233"En la mira de Arcoíris"15 January 2020 (2020-01-15)0.87[17]
When Navarrete's plans to try to assassinate Altagracia go wrong. Braulio along with the relatives of Los Monkeys try to assassinate Altagracia, but his plans go wrong because León manages to save Altagracia. For his part, Eduardo tries to discover who is the hacker who has been leaking information about him, and with the help of Lucho, José Luis's son tries to end Noelia, but the plan to end Noelia goes wrong, and the police discover where lives the informant who helped Saúl in the case of Los Arcoirís. After the attack on Noelia, Mónica is kidnapped.
1244"Dinero sucio"16 January 2020 (2020-01-16)0.89[18]
León tells Altagracia that Mónica was kidnapped. Altagracia is reunited with José Luis to ask him to return her daughter, but he tells her he doesn't have Mónica. Meanwhile, León tries to gather information to know about Mónica's whereabouts and Altagracia asks Regina to find a briefcase with money stolen of José Luis. Noelia looks for León to ask for protection for her and her mother. On the other hand, Braulio and the family members of Los Monkeys reveal that they have kidnapped Mónica.
1255"Arranca el juicio a Altagracia"17 January 2020 (2020-01-17)0.87[19]
Altagracia asks José Luis to reach an agreement to recover Mónica. León helps Noelia and her mother to stay living in the Renacer Foundation, while Lucho and his partners discover who is the woman who is threatening them. Noelia begins to suspect that one of the employees of the construction company Navarrete, is one of the men who attacked her and her mother. On the other hand, the trial against Altagracia begins and the family members of the Monkeys testify against it.
1266"Manipulaciones"20 January 2020 (2020-01-20)1.02[20]
León accuses Altagracia in the trial of disappearing the evidence that incriminates her. Karen discovers that Nando is the man who tried to attack Noelina and her mother. For his part Nando tries to attack Noelia again, but is discovered and arrested. In the Altagracia trial, he states that Rafael Cabral tried to abuse her again.
1277"Nuevos socios"21 January 2020 (2020-01-21)0.93[21]
The trial fails in favor of Altagracia. José Luis and Altagracia pay off a portion of their debt. For his part, Altagracia calls Amado Casillas to ask for help and he tells her to meet La Felina. Nando's accomplices disappear all his technology equipment from his home and Karen is late to take the evidence. León accepts that Noelia and her mother stay at home for a while and Judge Ricardo is bribed to get Nando out of jail. Meanwhile, Noelia is kidnapped by a group of unknown men.
1288"Divide y vencerás"22 January 2020 (2020-01-22)0.94[22]
1299"La pista"23 January 2020 (2020-01-23)1.04[23]
13010"Todo por Mónica"24 January 2020 (2020-01-24)0.97[24]
13111"Encrucijada"27 January 2020 (2020-01-27)1.08[25]
13212"La guerra de Altagracia"28 January 2020 (2020-01-28)0.99[26]
13313"El despojo"29 January 2020 (2020-01-29)1.07[27]
13414"Toca fondo"30 January 2020 (2020-01-30)1.06[28]
13515"Revuelo en el funeral"31 January 2020 (2020-01-31)1.00[29]
136–13716"Truculentos deseos"3 February 2020 (2020-02-03)[a]1.00[30]
138–13917"El plan b"5 February 2020 (2020-02-05)[a]0.94[31]
140–14118"El traslado"6 February 2020 (2020-02-06)[a]0.88[32]
142–14319"El olfato de León"7 February 2020 (2020-02-07)[a]0.73[33]
14420"De la misma sangre"10 February 2020 (2020-02-10)0.96[34]
14521"Adorable mensajera"11 February 2020 (2020-02-11)1.01[35]
14622"Enemigo a la vista"12 February 2020 (2020-02-12)0.93[36]
14723"Atrapado en el infierno"13 February 2020 (2020-02-13)0.94[37]
14824"Embestida"14 February 2020 (2020-02-14)0.75[38]
14925"Psicópata a prueba"17 February 2020 (2020-02-17)0.93[39]
15026"Pasión desenfrenada"18 February 2020 (2020-02-18)0.91[40]
15127"Un loco suelto"19 February 2020 (2020-02-19)0.89[41]
15228"La gran batalla"20 February 2020 (2020-02-20)1.01[42]
15329"Formar a un Arcoíris"21 February 2020 (2020-02-21)0.91[43]
15430"Fiel hasta la muerte"24 February 2020 (2020-02-24)0.98[44]
15531"Ansias de matar"25 February 2020 (2020-02-25)1.04[45]
15632"La presa o la evidencia"26 February 2020 (2020-02-26)0.88[46]
15733"Ni un dedo encima"27 February 2020 (2020-02-27)1.03[47]
15834"El rompecabeza"28 February 2020 (2020-02-28)1.03[48]
15935"El error de la Doña"2 March 2020 (2020-03-02)1.04[49]
16036"Acorralado"3 March 2020 (2020-03-03)1.02[50]
16137"León va con todo"4 March 2020 (2020-03-04)1.02[51]
16238"La loca verdad"5 March 2020 (2020-03-05)0.88[52]
16339"Efecto dominó"6 March 2020 (2020-03-06)1.00[53]
16440"La sombra del pasado"9 March 2020 (2020-03-09)1.04[54]
16541"La Doña no perdona"10 March 2020 (2020-03-10)1.05[55]
16642"Unidos por el dolor"11 March 2020 (2020-03-11)1.05[56]
16743"Pierde la cabeza por amor"12 March 2020 (2020-03-12)1.01[57]
16844"Corazón de León"13 March 2020 (2020-03-13)0.95[58]
16945"Una zorra con clase"16 March 2020 (2020-03-16)1.04[59]
17046"Muertos que hablan"17 March 2020 (2020-03-17)1.12[60]
17147"La gran interrogante"18 March 2020 (2020-03-18)1.04[61]
17248"El plan de León se derrumba"19 March 2020 (2020-03-19)1.10[62]
17349"Un mal día para Navarrete"20 March 2020 (2020-03-20)1.00[63]
17450"Lo pasado pisado"23 March 2020 (2020-03-23)1.25[64]
17551"Cero fantasías"24 March 2020 (2020-03-24)1.13[65]
17652"La Doña fuera del juego"25 March 2020 (2020-03-25)1.20[66]
17753"Huele mal"26 March 2020 (2020-03-26)1.13[67]
17854"Miedo a perder"27 March 2020 (2020-03-27)1.09[68]
17955"Bochorno"30 March 2020 (2020-03-30)1.05[69]
18056"Una Felina que tiembla"31 March 2020 (2020-03-31)1.08[70]
18157"En fila para matar"1 April 2020 (2020-04-01)1.02[71]
18258"No aclare, que oscurece"2 April 2020 (2020-04-02)1.10[72]
18359"Un clavo saca otro clavo"3 April 2020 (2020-04-03)0.95[73]
18460"Por las buenas o por las malas"6 April 2020 (2020-04-06)1.04[74]
18561"Altagracia nunca rinde cuentas"7 April 2020 (2020-04-07)0.9[75]
18662"El enemigo en tu cama"8 April 2020 (2020-04-08)1.10[76]
18763"Un paso en falso"9 April 2020 (2020-04-09)0.95[77]
18864"Golpe al ego de Altagracia"10 April 2020 (2020-04-10)0.96[78]
18965"El precio de la venganza"13 April 2020 (2020-04-13)1.02[79]
19066"El zarpazo mortal"14 April 2020 (2020-04-14)1.07[80]
19167"Seducción infalible"15 April 2020 (2020-04-15)0.99[81]
19268"Mentes perversas"16 April 2020 (2020-04-16)1.03[82]
19369"La cacería"17 April 2020 (2020-04-17)1.05[83]
19470"La confesión"20 April 2020 (2020-04-20)1.03[84]
19571"No toquen a Regina"21 April 2020 (2020-04-21)0.97[85]
19672"El rescate"22 April 2020 (2020-04-22)1.18[86]
19773"El que las hace, las paga"23 April 2020 (2020-04-23)1.13[87]
19874"De la misma medicina"24 April 2020 (2020-04-24)1.05[88]
19975"El intercambio"27 April 2020 (2020-04-27)1.19[89]


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