La Dépêche marocaine

La Dépêche marocaine was a daily francophone Moroccan newspaper published in Tangier.[1]

La Dépêche marocaine
Ceased publication1961
OCLC number751728311

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La Dépêche marocaine is considered the oldest published newspaper in Morocco[2] after being founded by Rober-Raynaud in 1905.[3][4] The paper reported the use of chemical weapons against the Rif during the war between Spain and Morocco on 27 November 1921.[5]

In 1951, Le Monde journalist Claude Julien became its editor-in-chief.[6] The newspaper ceased to be published in 1961.[2] It was the only paper published in French in Morocco until its disestablishment.[7]

There exist collections of the newspaper in volumes in both the Bibliothèque nationale de France[2] and the Library of Congress.[8]

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