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Giorgio Armani

LGBT billionaires refers to any people who identify as being LGBT in any way who are considered to be very wealthy in terms of the monetary fortune they control. According to American LGBT-interest magazine The Advocate, Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani with a net worth of $8.1 billion is currently the world's richest person who is openly part of the LGBT community.[1]



In 1980, DreamWorks co-founder David Geffen came out as the first openly gay billionaire in the world. He had dated women before such as Cher, but finally came to terms with this sexuality in the early 1980s and had become one of the most important forces in the gay rights movement by 1992.[2]

Giorgio Armani is known for being notoriously private and has remained relatively quiet about his own sexuality. The Sunday Times speculates he has remained quiet on the subject out of fear sales of Armani might decline in Asia if he officially came out. However, in 2000 he told Vanity Fair, "I have had women in my life. And sometimes men."[3][4]

On 16 August 2013, Jennifer Pritzker made headlines by announcing she now identifies herself as a woman for all business and personal undertakings. This announcement made Pritzker the world's first openly transgender billionaire.[5] In October 2015, Norway's second richest billionaire Stein Erik Hagen came out as bisexual on the Norwegian talk show Skavlan.[6]


No. Name Net worth (USD) Status Citizenship Ref(s)
1 Giorgio Armani $8.1 billion   Bisexual   Italy
2 David Geffen $6.1 billion   Gay   United States
3 Stein Erik Hagen $4.3 billion   Bisexual   Norway
4 Peter Thiel $3.3 billion   Gay   United States
5 Jennifer Pritzker $1.8 billion   Transgender   United States
6 Domenico Dolce $1.74 billion   Gay   Italy
7 Jon Stryker $1.6 billion   Gay   United States
8 Stefano Gabbana $1.56 billion   Gay   Italy
9 Megan Ellison $1.5 billion   Lesbian   United States
10 Tim Cook $1.3 billion   Gay   United States
11 Michael Kors $1.0 billion   Gay   United States

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