LG&E and KU Energy

LG&E and KU Energy is a subsidiary of PPL Corporation, based in Louisville, Kentucky. It is composed of the following companies:

The company was created in 1998, when LG&E Energy, parent of LG&E, acquired KU Energy, parent of KU and ODP. In 2000, Powergen, a British-based company, acquired LG&E Energy, which still operated under that name. In 2002, German-based E.ON acquired Powergen; the following year, in 2003, E.ON transferred the LG&E Energy group to its American subsidiary, E.ON US Holdings.

On April 28, 2010 PPL and E.ON announced a definitive agreement in which PPL will acquire E.ON US for $7.625 billion. The sale was closed on November 1, 2010, with E-ON US becoming LG&E and KU Energy.[1]


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