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Lühe (Low Saxon: Lü(h)) is a river in northern Germany in the district of Stade in Lower Saxony, Germany.

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Lühe with the Lühe Tidal Barrage at its mouth into the Elbe in Lühe [de; nds]
StateLower Saxony
Reference no.DE: 596
Physical characteristics
 ⁃ locationConfluence of the Aue and Landwettern in Horneburg
53°30′43.5″N 9°35′27.25″E / 53.512083°N 9.5909028°E / 53.512083; 9.5909028
 ⁃ location
Near Grünendeich into the Elbe
53°34′18.5″N 9°38′3″E / 53.571806°N 9.63417°E / 53.571806; 9.63417Coordinates: 53°34′18.5″N 9°38′3″E / 53.571806°N 9.63417°E / 53.571806; 9.63417
Length43.3 km (26.9 mi)[1]
Basin size216 km2 (83 sq mi)[1]
Basin features
ProgressionElbeNorth Sea
Navigable12.7 km (7.9 mi)
Lühe ferryhouse, 1900

Formed at Horneburg by the confluence of the rivers Aue and Landwettern, the Lühe flows through the Altes Land, then reaching the lower reaches of the Elbe near Grünendeich. It has a length of about 12.7 kilometres (7.9 mi).[2] Including its source river Aue, its total length is 43.3 km (26.9 mi).[1]

The Lühe's course forms the border between the Second Mile and the Third Mile (territorial subdivisions) of the Altes Land. The Lühe flows through the towns and villages of:

The Lühe empties near Lühe [de; nds], a locality of Jork, into the Elbe.

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