Lørdagsredaksjonen (English: Saturday Editorial) was a Norwegian entertainment programme that was broadcast by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation from 1980 to 1982.[1]

Created byErik Bye
Developed byErik Bye
Directed byJohn Andreassen
Presented byStein Roger Bull
Country of originNorway
Production companyNorwegian Broadcasting Corporation
Original release1980 (1980) –
1982 (1982)

The programme was started and hosted by Erik Bye, while Stein Roger Bull and John Andreassen were project manager and director, respectively.[2] The programme was aired on Saturday evening, and consisted of dialogues, music, reportages, and more.[2] Rolf Just Nilsen was responsible for the music.[3]

Many celebrities were invited to the programme, among them actress Britt Langlie and the Nobel Peace Prize laureate Linus Pauling.[2] The programme did face various criticisms. Some of the critics argued that a television programme with a such high degree of political content ought not to be aired on a Saturday evening.[4] The programme was also subject of debate in the Norwegian Parliament.[5]


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