Lê Thanh Đạo

Lê Thanh Đạo (born 1944) was a MiG-21 pilot of the Vietnamese People's Air Force, he flew with the 927st fighter regiment and tied for fourth place amongst Vietnam War fighter aces with six kills.[1]

The following kills are known to be credited to him by the VPAF:[2][3]

  • 18 December 1971, a USAF F-4D (serial number 06-241, 555th Tactical Fighter Wing, pilot Johnson, WSO Vaughan);
  • 10 May 1972, a USN F-4J (pilot Blackburn, RIO Rudloff);[4]
  • 24 July 1972, a USAF F-4;
  • 11 September 1972, a USAF F-4E (pilot Ratzlaff, WSO Heeren).

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