Léonor d'Orléans, duc de Longueville

Léonor d'Orléans (1540 – 7 August 1573) was duc de Longueville, prince of Châtellaillon, marquis of Rothelin, count of Montgommery and of Tancarville, visount of Abberville, Melun, count of Neufchâtel and of Valangin, was governor of Picardy and Normandy and one of the military leaders of the French Wars of Religion.

Léonor d'Orléans-Longueville from a 19th-century print


He was the son of François, marquis of Rothelin,[1] and Jacqueline de Rohan, Marquise de Rothelin.[2] He was the grandson of Louis I d'Orléans, duc de Longueville[1] and he succeeded his first cousin, François III d'Orléans as duc de Longueville. He married Marie de Bourbon, Duchess of Estouteville,[3] daughter of François I Bourbon and Adrienne d’Estouteville.

Louis died in 1573, after returning from the siege of La Rochelle,[4] at Blois and was buried at Châteaudun.


Leonor and Marie had:



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Léonor d'Orléans, duc de Longueville
Cadet branch of the House of Valois
Born: 1540 Died: 7 August 1573
French nobility
Preceded by
François III
Duke of Longueville
22 September 1551 – 7 August 1573
Succeeded by
Henri I
Regnal titles
Preceded by
François III
Sovereign Count of Neuchâtel
Succeeded by
Henri I