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Léon Bollack (1859 – 1925) was a French trader who invented Bolak, a constructed language that also went by the name "the Blue Language", in 1899.[1][2]

Léon Bollack
Leon Bollack.jpg
Died1925 (aged 65–66)
Known forInventor of Bolak


His parents were Hermann Bollack and Rachel Léontine Léon (daughter of Moyse Léon and Henriette Vissier). The father was from Kreuznach in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, where the family name had been present "for centuries".[1] The mother was from Paris.

Together with his wife Amelie Picard (daughter of Alphonse Mayer Picard and Sara Levy), he had three children: Léontine Rachel Alice (~1890-1969), Lucien Armand Bollack (1892 – 1963), who became an engineer, and a second daughter, Fanny Louise Bollack (1898 – 1958).[1]

He died in 1925. His daughter, Léontine, changed her name to Alice and married Roger-Angel Olchanski. Together they had two sons, Jean and Daniel, although it was reported[by whom?] that the second son was born as a result of an affair with Alex Virot, a sports journalist.[citation needed]

New international languagesEdit

After a few years promoting Bolak, he abandoned the struggle in favour of the movement backing Ido (a reformed version of the Esperanto language).[1][2] It is possible that the blue color of the Ido flag was his proposal. He uttered the phrase: "It seems to me that both the Esperanto and Volapük poets are worthy only to be the objects of ridicule."

Bollack inspired H.G. Wells, who mentioned him in his book A Modern Utopia.




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