László Rajk Jr.

László Rajk Jr. (26 January 1949, Budapest – 11 September 2019[1]) was a Hungarian architect, designer and political activist.

László Rajk Jr.


As an architect, he became the member of the Hungarian avantgarde movement. From 1975 he joined the Democratic Opposition, the underground political movement in Hungary, therefore from 1980 he was blacklisted, and was not allowed to work under his own name.[citation needed]

In 1981 with Gábor Demszky (Mayor of Budapest from 1990) he founded the independent, underground AB Publishing House, and ran an illegal bookstore from his apartment called "Samizdat Boutique".[citation needed]

In 1988 he was one of the founders of the Network of Free Initiatives and the liberal party, the Alliance of Free Democrats, and served six years in the Hungarian Parliament after free elections in 1990. Recently he worked as an architect and a production designer for films and taught film architecture at the Hungarian Film Academy in Budapest.[citation needed] Married to Judit Rajk (1991-)


The son of the well known show trial victim, Hungary's foreign minister László Rajk, Rajk Jr. was famous in his own right for political/anti-regime activities.[clarification needed][2]


He was a Chevalier dans l'Ordre National du Merite, 1999, France.


Lehel Market in Budapest


  • 1981 KÉV Siófok factory building
  • 1984 Studio space at Mihály Károlyi institute Vence headquarters (with Gábor Bachman and Bálint Nagy)
  • 1989 Imre Nagy and martyrs of 1956 installation for new cemetery (with Gabor Bachman)
  • 1995 Budapest Studio K Theatre interior work
  • 1996 interior reconstruction of Budapest Corvin cinema
  • 1998 reconstruction of Viennese Collegium Hungaricum (with János Balázs & Írisz Borsos)
  • 1999 Aquincum Museum directorate and restoration centre
  • 1999 reconstruction of Budapest Moulin Rouge
  • 2002 Lehel Csarnok hall
  • 2004 reconstruction and Hungarian exhibition in cell block 18 at Auschwitz-Birkenau museum
  • 2004 reconstruction of Budapest classicist building
  • 2004 restoration workshops and research centre at Aquincum Museum
  • 2006 Veszprém 1956 memorial park and monument
  • 2006 Studio K theatre - new theatre interior
  • 2007 Aquincum museum new building

Film setsEdit

Over 25 years' experience in building filmsets for international and Hungarian films and documentaries including:


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