L'Antijuif was a French weekly newspaper and official organ of the Ligue antisémitique de France, edited by anti-Dreyfusard Jules Guérin. Published in Paris from 1898 to 1899, over 40,000 copies were regularly printed, over half of which was distributed as free propaganda.[1]

TypeWeekly newspaper
Owner(s)Ligue antisémitique de France
EditorJules Guérin
Launched21 August 1898 (1898-08-21)
Ceased publication5 February 1899 (1899-02-05)
Headquarters51 rue de Chabrol
OCLC number759777145


L'Antijuif was launched on 21 August 1898 as a daily in competition with La Libre Parole, with the financial support of the Duc d'Orléans and other substantial donations from individual royalists, such as Boni de Castellane.[2] The newspaper established headquarters at 51 rue de Chabrol [fr] in Paris in April 1899.[1]

The publication ceased with the imprisonment of Guérin—who defied arrest for five weeks at the newspaper's headquarters—for planning a coup d'état against the republic (alongside Paul Déroulède).[3] The Ligue launched a successor periodical, Le petit antijuif de l'est, in 1900.[4]


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