L'Algérie Libre

L'Algérie Libre (meaning Free Algeria in English) was a French-language newspaper based in Algiers, Algeria.[1]

L'Algérie Libre
Journal L'Algerie Libre.jpg
TypeOpinion journalism
Founded1949 (1949)
LanguageFrench language
Ceased publication1954 (1954)


L'Algerie libre, whose acronym was "By the people and for the people" (French: Par le peuple et pour le peuple) was founded by Mohamed Khider on 2 November 1949 and ceased to appear on 5 November 1954.[2][3]

This illustrated publication was printed in the city of Paris within France and was a partisan bimonthly journal specializing in general information.[4][5]

It is the independence party Algerian People's Party (PPA) the Movement for the Triumph of Democratic Liberties (MTLD) which oversaw this review which was printed for 128 issues before its shutdown the day after the outbreak of the Algerian Revolution.[6]

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