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KX is a data analysis software developer and vendor. Their products are built upon the proprietary time-series database kdb+ and its programming language q. Kdb+ is optimized for ingesting, analyzing and storing massive amounts of structured data in real-time and has set multiple records in STAC Research benchmarks.[7]Kdb+ is used in financial modeling and data analysis by Wall Street investment banks,[8] and energy, telecommunications, government, and other industries.[9]

Founded1993; 28 years ago (1993) in Palo Alto, California
Palo Alto, California
United States
Number of locations
14 offices[1] (2018)
Area served
Key people
ParentFirst Derivatives plc

The company was founded in 1993 by Janet Lustgarten and Arthur Whitney.[10] Whitney is the developer of the k language. In 2014, First Derivatives increased their ownership interest to a 65 percent share of the privately held company as it began expanding its databases to retail, pharmaceuticals, and utilities.[9] In 2018, First Derivatives announced plans to buy out the remaining shares of Kx Systems.[11] Kx Systems is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, and has further offices in New York City, England, Ireland, Germany, Australia, Singapore, Tokyo, and Hong Kong.[1][12]


In 1993, Whitney and Lustgarten joined together to commercialize the k programming platform Whitney had created after building the A+ language and other trading systems at Morgan Stanley.[8][13] The purpose of the software was to access and explore large data volumes in financial services computer systems.[14] Initially, Kx Systems had an exclusive contract with Swiss global financial services firm UBS to provide them with the K language. In 1998, the contract with UBS expired and the firm launched the kdb+ database. As part of kdb+, Whitney developed a new language named q that operates with k and uses English keywords.[15]

In 1999, the firm reached a marketing agreement with Northern Ireland based firm, First Derivatives.[16] Kx Systems opened an office in Manhattan in 2002,[17] offices in Germany and Japan in 2003,[18] and an office in Hong Kong in 2009.[19] In 2014, First Derivatives purchased a 65 percent share of Kx Systems, which began a trend in offering Kdb+ to other data-driven industries.[9] Kx Systems has also partnered with the equity trading platform, IEX Group Inc., to conduct real-time market surveillance, which can be used to monitor actions such as insider trading.[20]

To demonstrate this expansion of Kdb+ into verticals outside of finance, Kx has entered into a partnership with Aston Martin Red Bull Racing[21] and has become a technology supplier to NASA's Frontier Development Lab.[22] As of 2019 Kdb+ is available as an on-demand solution via the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. [23]

Fusion InterfacesEdit

As of mid 2018, Kx released a ‘Fusion’ initiative to increase the interface options for kdb+.[24] These include:

  • Python
  • Java
  • R
  • Kafka
  • Jupyter
  • C#

Additional interfaces can be found at: https://code.kx.com/q/interfaces/fusion/


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