Kwun Lung Lau, viewed from Smithfield in 2006
Kwun Lung Lau in 2008
Kwun Lung Lau Redevelopment Phase 1 in 2012

Kwun Lung Lau (觀龍樓) is a public housing estate in Kennedy Town, Hong Kong. It is one of the first public housing developments in Hong Kong, built in 1967 to alleviate a housing crisis in the territory. It is on 20 Lung Wah Street.

It consists of seven buildings, namely Block A - G. The overall shape was that of a snaking dragon, and hence its name which means Watching Dragon Building in Chinese.

Kwun Lung Lau is also famous for a landslide on 23 July 1994 that killed five people and injured three. Leaking water and heavy rain had built up behind a masonry retaining wall, which was too thin, and subsequently collapsed. This disaster caused a major review of slope safety in Hong Kong.[1]

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Coordinates: 22°16′50″N 114°07′40″E / 22.28056°N 114.12778°E / 22.28056; 114.12778