Kwes ( /kwɛs/;[1] sometimes stylised as kwes, kwes., Kwes. or [o=o]. ) is a British record producer, songwriter and artist from London, England. Kwes is best known for his production and collaborative work. He has worked with a variety of artists including Bobby Womack, Damon Albarn, ELIZA, Kano, Kelela, Loyle Carner, Micachu, Nao, Nubya Garcia, Solange, Selah Sue and Tirzah. Kwes is also currently signed to Warp Records as a solo artist and released his debut album, ilp in October 2013.

OriginLewisham, London, England
Years active2006–present


Kwes began playing his grandparents' organ at the age of four and his grandmother bought him his first small keyboard aged 5. For his tenth birthday, he received a radio/tape recorder with a built-in microphone, which launched his interest in sound recording.[2]

Kwes has chromesthesia (sound-to-colour synaesthesia).[3]

His earliest synaesthetic experiences occurred around the age of 4 and he attempted to colour paper with the particular colours he was seeing when listening to music. These colours have been set since he first discovered his condition: "any form of a G-chord would have orange in it, and the other notes which are not G accompanying that G-chord would have an effect on the type of orange it is. Majors tend to be slightly brighter.[4] Same applies for D which is always – yellow/green, E which is Yellow/gold, F which is violet/blue, C – Blue, A – light blue, B – yellow/gold/green."[5]

Colour is not in my direct field of vision, it's more in my peripheral field of vision, so it's just something that's always going on; it doesn't annoy me, or it doesn't amuse me, or it doesn't make me feel good, it's a normal occurrence to me. But at the same time, that could be why I love music so much.


His synaesthetic impressions of his own music are translated in the artwork to his solo releases, including "Hearts in Home" and "No Need to Run".[7]


Year Artist Title Album Label Credit
2021 Zola All music Zola A24 Mixing
2021 Tirzah Recipe, Sink In Colourgrade (LP) Domino Mixing, a&r
2021 Brodka All Tracks BRUT (LP) Kayax/[PIAS] Co-mixing
2021 Black Coffee Never Gonna Forget with Diplo ft. Elderbrook Never Gonna Forget (single) Ultra Records Co-production, co-write
2021 Virgil Abloh Delicate Limbs ft. serpentwithfeet Delicate Limbs (single) Columbia Co-production, co-write
2020 Landshapes All tracks Contact (LP) Bella Union Production, mixing
2020 Loyle Carner Yesterday Yesterday (single) EMI Vocal engineer
2020 Duval Timothy Fall Again Help (LP) Carrying Colour OP-1
2020 Nubya Garcia All tracks Source (LP) Concord Co-production, mixing
2020 otta All tracks Songbook (EP) BOKKLE/[PIAS] Add prod, mixing, a&r
2020 Elan Tamara My Eyes My Eyes (single) BOKKLE/[PIAS] prod, mixing, a&r
2020 Denai Moore Hail Modern Dread (LP) Because Co-production, co-write
2020 Daniel Merriweather Paradise Paradise (single) Self released Add prod, mixing
2020 Nubya Garcia Pace Pace (single) Concord Co-production, mixing
2020 Selah Sue All tracks Bedroom EP (EP) Because Co-production, mixing
2020 LA Timpa All tracks Amounts Equal Afraid (LP) O___O Mixing
2020 otta All tracks after it all blew over (EP) BOKKLE/[PIAS] Add prod, mixing, a&r
2019 Daniel Merriweather Everything I Need Everything I Need (single) Self released Mixing
2019 Camelia All tracks Everytime / Sometimes (single) Self released Mixing
2019 Little Miss Sumo All tracks Little Miss Sumo (OST) Walks of Life Films, Netflix Composition, mixing
2019 Nérija All tracks Blume (LP) Domino Production, mixing, a&r, artwork
2019 Loyle Carner "Still", "Desoleil", "Krispy", "Carluccio", "Ice Water" Not Waving, But Drowning (LP) AMF, Virgin EMI Production, co-write on "Still", "Desoleil", "Krispy", "Carluccio". Additional production on "Ice Water"
2019 Arlo Day All tracks Bad Timing (EP) Domino Mixing, a&r
2019 Nérija All tracks NÉRIJA EP (EP) Domino Mixing, a&r
2018 Ragz Originale All tracks Nature (LP) Mini Kingz Executive Production
2018 Hilang Child All tracks Years (LP) Bella Union Mixing
2018 Tirzah All tracks Devotion (LP) Domino Mixing, a&r
2018 Kwes. All tracks songs for Midi (EP) Warp Production, write, mixing, primary artist
2017 Kelela All tracks Take Me Apart (LP) Warp Mixing
2017 Kelela "Waitin", "Take Me Apart", "Enough", "Better", "LMK", "Truth or Dare", "Turn To Dust", "Altadena" Take Me Apart (LP) Warp Additional production w/ various
2017 All We Are All tracks Sunny Hills (LP) Domino Co-production, mixing, a&r
2017 ELIZA "Wide Eyed Fool" "Wide Eyed Fool" (single) ELIZA Mixing
2017 Loyle Carner "Florence", "Mrs C" and "Sun of Jean" Yesterday's Gone (LP) AMF, Virgin EMI Production, co-write (on all tracks); Production, co-write and mixing (on "Florence")
2017 Coby Sey "Petals Have Fallen" Petals Have Fallen (single) self-release Add. production; mixing
2017 BILA "Didn't Lose" Didn't Lose (single) self-release Production, co-write
2017 Coby Sey All tracks Whities 010: Transport for Lewisham (EP) AD 93 (Whities) Co-mixing w/ Coby Sey
2017 Elan Tamara "Long Walks" "Long Walks" (single) self-release Production
2016 Solange "Don't You Wait", "Where Do We Go", "Don't Wish Me Well", "Scales" A Seat at the Table (LP) Saint, Columbia Co-production, co-write w/ various
2016 PAULi All tracks The Idea of Tomorrow (EP) PAULi Co-production
2016 Kano "My Sound" Made in the Manor (LP) BPM, Parlophone Additional production, co-write w/ Blue May and Jodi Milliner
2016 Hudson Mohawke "Indian Steps" Lantern (LP) Warp Additional production w/ Hudson Mohawke
2016 Samuel All tracks Luv Cry (EP) Big Dada Production, co-production
2016 Nao "It's You" 15 February (EP) Little Tokyo, Sony Production, co-write
2016 Rosie Lowe "Right Thing" Control (LP) Wolf Tone, Polydor Production, co-write w/ Dave Okumu and Rosie Lowe
2016 Samuel "These Days" These Days (single) Big Dada Production
2015 George Maple "Gripp" ft. Kilo Kish Vacant Space Future Classic Pty, Virgin EMI Production, co-write
2014 DELS All tracks Petals Have Fallen (LP) Big Dada Production, co-write w/ various
2014 Kwes. All tracks ilpix (EP) Warp Production, write, primary artist
2014 Moko "Missing Love" Gold (EP) MTA, Virgin EMI Production, co-write
2014 Shivum Sharma All tracks Flicker/Only You (single) National Anthem Production[8]
2014 Rosie Lowe All tracks Right Thing (EP) 37 Adventures Production, co-write w/ Dave Okumu and Rosie Lowe[9]
2014 Pusha T "Who I Am" ft. 2 Chainz and Big Sean My Name Is My Name (LP) GOOD, Def Jam Sampled
2014 Eliza Doolittle Don't Call It Love In Your Hands (LP) Parlophone Production, co-write[10]
2013 Kwes. All tracks ilp (LP) Warp Production, write, primary artist
2013 Valentina All tracks Wolves (EP) Greco Roman Production w/ various[11]
2012 Bobby Womack "Whatever Happened to the Times" The Bravest Man in the Universe (LP) XL Production w/ Damon Albarn and Richard Russell[12]
2012 Kwesachu (Kwes & Micachu) All tracks Kwesachu Mixtape Vol.2 (mixtape) self-release Production w/ Micachu
2012 Kwes. All tracks Meantime Warp Production, write, mixing, primary artist
2012 Speech Debelle All tracks Freedom of Speech Big Dada Production, co-write[13]
2012 Sunless '97 All tracks Making Waves (EP) Abeano/XL Production[14]
2012 Valentina All tracks Weights (EP) Little Chaos Production w/ Blue May[15]
2011 Elan Tamara All tracks Organ (EP) Big Dada Production
2011 DRC Music "Customs", "Three Piece Sweet Part 1 & 2", "If You Wish to Stay Awake", "Departure", "Three Piece Sweet Part 3 (bonus track)" Kinshasa One Two (LP) Warp Production, co-write w/ various[16]
2011 DELS "Hydronenberg", "Moonshing", "Eating Clouds", "Violina/Bread Before Bed", "DLR", "Droogs", "GOB" GOB (LP) Big Dada Production, co-write
2010 Dog Bite All tracks Machino Machino/Take Your Time (single) Young Turks Production[17]
2010 Elan Tamara All tracks Shadows (EP) self-release Production[18]
2010 Kwes. All tracks No Need To Run (EP) Young Turks Production, mixing, write, primary artist
2009 Elan Tamara All tracks Gold Fishes (EP) self-release Production
2009 Kwesachu (Kwes. & Micachu) All tracks Kwesachu Mixtape Vol.1 (mixtape) self-release Production w/ Micachu
2009 Kwes. All tracks Hearts in Home/Tissues (single) Salvia/XL Production, write, primary artist
2009 Micachu "Outro" Filthy Friends: Volume 1 (mixtape) self-release Production
2007 Jack Peñate "A Good Weapon" Second, Minute or Hour (single) XL Keyboards
2007 Jack Peñate "Run For Your Life" Matinée (LP) XL Keyboards

Artist discographyEdit


Year Album details
2013 ilp.
  • Released: 14 / 15 October 2013
  • Label: Warp
  • Formats: LP, CD, Digital download


Year EP details
2010 No Need To Run[19][20]
2012 Meantime
  • Released: 30 April / 1 May 2012
  • Label: Warp
  • Formats: 12" EP, CD, Digital download
2018 songs for Midi[21]
  • Released: 5 April 2018
  • Label: Warp
  • Formats: 12" EP, Digital download

Remix EPEdit

Year Remix EP details
2014 ilpix
  • Released: 15 September 2014
  • Label: Warp
  • Formats: Digital download


  • "Hearts in Home" (16 February 2009)
  • "Get Up" (13 November 2011)[22]
  • "Bashful" (7 March 2012)[23]
  • "Rollerblades" (26 November 2012)[24]


Year Mixtape details
2010 Kwesachu Mixtape Vol.1 with Micachu
  • Released: 5 June 2009
  • Label: Self-released
  • Formats: Cassette tape, Digital download
2012 Kwesachu Mixtape Vol.2 with Micachu
  • Released: 30 April 2012
  • Label: Self-released
  • Formats: Cassette tape, Digital download

Live session dutiesEdit

  • Ebony Bones – Guitarist[25][26] (2006–2007, 2008)
  • Bono Must Die now O. Children – Keyboardist[27] (2007)
  • Jack Peñate – Laptop and keyboards[28] (2009)
  • Kwesachu (with Micachu) – co-production and co-selector (2009–?)
  • Elan Tamara – Bassist[29] (2009–2011)
  • Leftfield – Keyboards and Computers[30] (2010)
  • Bobby Womack – Keyboards (2012–2013)


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