Kwangmyong Encyclopedia

The Kwangmyong Encyclopedia(광명백과사전) is a 20-volume encyclopedia published in North Korea.[1] It includes more than 58,000 entries and 9,000 photos, pictures and maps.[2]


The prep work for the encyclopedia began in 2004.[3]The encyclopedia has been published since 2006, and was completed in 2013.[4][2]


Contents of Book are as follows:[4]

Book 1. History of Korea
Book 2. World History
Book 3. Politics/Law
Book 4.Philosophy
Book 5.Economy
Book 6.Literature/Art
Book 7.Education/Language/Publishing/Broadcasting
Book 8.Korean geography
Book 9.World geography
Book 10.Mathematics
Book 11.Physics
Book 12.Chemistry
Book 13.Life sciences
Book 14.Astronomy,Environment
Book 15.Information,aviation,Nanotechnology
Book 16.Mining/Metal/machinery/electronics
Book 17.chemical engineering/light industries/construction/transport/Postal services
Book 18.Agriculture/forestry/fishery
Book 19.Human body/Health
Book 20.Physical education

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