Kutaisi Auto Mechanical Plant

The Kutaisi Auto Mechanical Plant (KAMP) (Georgian: ქუთაისის ავტომექანიკური ქარხანა, romanized: kutaisis avt'omekanik'uri karkhana), formerly Kutaisi Automobile Plant (Georgian: ქუთაისის საავტომობილო ქარხანა, romanized: kutaisis saavt'omobilo karkhana; Russian: Кутаисский Автомобильный Завод, romanizedKutaisskij Awtomobilnyj Zawod) or KAZ (Russian: КАЗ) for short; is a truck factory located in Kutaisi, Georgia named in the Soviet Union in honour of Sergo Ordzhonikidze.

Kutaisi Automobile Plant (KAZ)
SuccessorKutaisi Auto Mechanical Plant (KAMP)
ParentGeorgian Industrial Group
WebsiteKutaisi Auto Mechanical Plant (KAMP)


Construction began in 1945, using forced labor, notably Polish Home Army prisoners,[1] with the first conveyor coming online with the first truck ZIS-150 (KAZ-150) coming off on August 18, 1951.

In 2006 the major part of the company synced with the Georgian Industrial Group and was named the Kutaisi Auto Mechanical Plant (KAMP).[2] Today the factory produces a wide range of automotive industry parts.[3]




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