Kutais Governorate

The Kutais Governorate (Russian: Кутаисская губерния; Georgian: ქუთაისის გუბერნია) was one of the guberniyas of the Caucasus Viceroyalty of the Russian Empire. It roughly corresponded to most of western Georgia and most of Artvin Province (except Hopa and Yusufeli districts) of Turkey between 1878 and 1917. It was created out of part of the former Georgia-Imeretia Governorate in 1846. It also included Akhaltsikhe uyezd before its cession to the Tiflis Governorate in 1867.

Kutais Governorate
Кутаисская губерния
Coat of arms of Kutais Governorate
Kutaysskaya guberniya.jpg
Political statusGovernorate
 • Total295,233 km2 (113,990 sq mi)
 • Total913,657
 • Density3.1/km2 (8.0/sq mi)


As of 1897, according to the Russian Empire Census 1,058,241 people lived in the oblast. Georgians constituted the majority, 82.1% of the population. This includes Imeretians and Mingrelians, who were separated in the census based on their dialect and language.

Linguistic groups in 1897[1]Edit

TOTAL 1,058,241 100%
Georgians 343,929 32.5%
Imeretians (dialect of Standard Georgian) 270,513 25.6%
Mingrelians 238,655 22.6%
Abkhazians 59,469 5.6%
Turks 46,665 4.4%
Armenians 24,043 2.3%

Administrative divisionsEdit

The Kutais Governorate consisted of the following uyezds and okrugs:


Coordinates: 42°15′00″N 42°42′00″E / 42.2500°N 42.7000°E / 42.2500; 42.7000