Kunigami Chōchi

Kunigami Ueekata Chōchi (国頭 親方 朝致, ? – 27 July 1635), also known by Kunigami Jūshin (国頭 重信) and his Chinese style name Shō Kakurei (向 鶴齢), was a bureaucrat of Ryukyu Kingdom.[1]

Kunigami Chōchi
国頭 朝致
sanshikan of Ryukyu
In office
Preceded byTomigusuku Seizoku
Succeeded byUrasoe Chōri
Personal details
Ryukyu Kingdom
Died27 July 1635
Fujian Province, Ming China
Parent(s)Urasoe Chōshi (father)
Chinese nameShō Kakurei (向 鶴齢)

Kunigami was the originator of an aristocrat family called Shō-uji Ōgimi Dunchi (向氏大宜見殿内).[1] He was a son of Urasoe Chōshi, and was also an elder brother of Urasoe Chōri. He was elected as a member of Sanshikan in 1622.[2]

In 1633, King Shō Hō dispatched him and Sai Ken (蔡 堅, also known as Kiyuna Pekumi 喜友名親雲上) as a gratitude envoy for his investiture to Ming China. Kunigami requested for permission to pay tribute twice every three years just like before the country was invaded by Satsuma. It was approved by Chongzhen Emperor.[1][3] Two years later, Kunigami was serious ill on the way home and died in Fujian Province.[2]


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Political offices
Preceded by Sanshikan of Ryukyu
1622 - 1635
Succeeded by